Why are They Following Me?

By carflo

I’m just gonna go out and start .Ever sense i was little I’ve been followed by tall beings with black eyes and big heads.The first encounter i can remember was when i was camping in mexico with my family to our usual camping spot ,nothing to special .Late that night me and my cousin had to use the bathroom which was pretty far from where we set up so it was a long walk .

As we were walking I noticed that their were two tall ,skinny figures looking around .They seemed like that they were searching for something I don’t really wanna know what they were doing exactly .I pointed it out to my cousin and he looked .We were both confused and stopped waking .then both looked at us for a few seconds and walked off .

The rest of the trip we never saw anything unusual and had a good time so we just blew it off .I was only 8 at the time so i didn’t think back on it till i my next encounter .

The next event happened to me and my sister when i was 12 and is by far the worst for me .i was playing with my sister i don’t remember what but we were having a good time.We were on the second floor of the house and the room we were in had a large window which my sister was facing while i faced away .As my sister was laughing all of a sudden her face went still, staring behind me .

This made me curious so i turned around .I regret that choice till this day,i saw this pale creature crouching down staring into the window .It had completely black eyes and a head that seemed to big for its body. It seemed like it didn’t have a mouth and no visible nose and its skin was grey but almost seemed white.It was only there for 5 seconds at most and it moved out of view .

Me and my sister were to petrified to move and could only sit in silence .when we could finally move we went to tell our mom ,like any parent she blew it off as a child’s imagination .

I really wish that were true but after that event i began having nightmares of being taken from home and being on a metal cold icy table, i would wake up with cuts on my body that i couldn’t explain and i even woke up with a slash on my back. Around the age of 14 this stopped and i thought it was over , I was wrong .

The final encounter didn’t happen to me but my aunt.I was 15 when this happened . I had spent the night at my cousins house and we went to bed late sense we were playing video games .that night his dogs were barking violently but it wasn’t uncommon ,they were fairly aggressive for being small dogs so we went to bed .

I went home the morning after but that night the dogs began barking and snarling so my aunt went out to check on them .she saw the same damn thing that i saw years ago but crawling over her fence into her backyard .

It kept walking in the backyard until it saw her and stood still.she told me it made a strange hissing noise at her and ran back to the fence and climbed it in seconds .My aunt did not sleep that night .I am turning 18 soon and i sometimes feel like i am being watched or hear something run away from my window at night .I do not know what they want with me or why they follow me around but i want it to stop luckily after i got my cat it seemed to slow down and now i cant sleep unless he is in my room .whatever those things are i hope they will leave me alone.

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