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So, this is an updated version to my first encounter. In the Summer of 2016 I had my first encounter with what is known as the “Rougarou.” The rougarou is a creature that is strong, intelligent, and wolf like. From the tales I’ve heard it is far from an actual werewolf, since the rougarou will hunt you down for days, weeks, months, and maybe even years! May I also include, we moved out to the country as we bought land for some Bison.

So it came back Febuary of 2017. He was killing farmers cattle. It came down to the town after that, and started bugging everybody at night. My mom knows it was the rougarou because come sunrise it would leave after terrorizing the whole town until morning.

So summer of 2017 rolls in, and I’m having a great time until June 17th. My mom and I were hanging out on the deck, when we heard it. It was hanging around the land, inside the bushes. It sounded out of breath, and it was crushing twigs. It was closer to the garage, than it was to us. So we went inside, we were spooked.

Around 1 Am it came again — growling. I was scared to even move, so I texted my mom. It took her a while to respond, but when she finally did, she told me

“I’m not messing around, I’m going outside.”

She was holding her riffle, and she walked out of the house. I was following right behind her since I had to hold the flashlight. That’s when we both saw a glimpse of the Rougarou.

A tall werewolf like creature, brown/greyish fur. It was at least 7 foot tall, and it’s claws were sharp. It had a bit of a hunched back, and it’s eyes were glowing brown.

When it heard us, it got onto all fours, and ran at my mom. She shot at it, and struck it in the leg, and than the chest — or so she claims. So it kept coming, until it ran right off into the field. So my mom told me to go inside, and that’s what I did. My sister was upstairs freaking out, and my mom locked up, phoning a few relatives for advice.

Since this day we’ve been told not to go outside at night, not to whistle at night, and not to speak of this creature. This is my first time speaking of my encounter, but I know it’ll be back — like always.

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