White humanoid

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This happened about 2 years ago, I was in England with my Boy Scouts troop for a weekend in February.

Everything was normal until the second day when it had started to snow really heavily so me and my two friends let’s call them ‘Matthew’ and ‘Lewis’ decided to go and play hide and seek in the snow. I got all my warm clothes on and snook out
which wasn’t that hard because there was a window in our room.

When I got out they decided that I should be on, so I gave them three minutes to hide. After that I ran in vaguely the same direction that I heard them go in.

After about four minutes of looking I was about to give up when I heard a weird mumbling noise I ran over and shouted at the top of my lungs “found you!” But to my surprise instead of finding a boy wrapped in winter clothes I foun a small white humanoid crouched over next to a carcass of what looked like a large dog.

I quickly jumped up and ran away I could hear it right behind me jumping from boulder to boulder. Eventually I could see the hut we were staying in. Then I did something I wished I hadn’t I turned round. I saw this thing stand up and realised that what I had originally thought to have been small was about the same height as me. I could see its big yellow fangs dripping with warm blood and it eyes were deep red and behind me the door opened it was my leader.

I turned around and he was mad he asked me where I had been for so long and it turned out that I had been gone for about half an hour I went through with them exactly what had happened and as I expected, no one believed me.

The rest of the trip was normal. But 3 months later I was shocked to find out that the exact place I had just been to had been closed by the police after a twelve year old child who had been missing for two days had been found on a river back totally mutilated. Apparently his throat had been rupped our and his intestines had also been eaten along with half of his leg.

All I can say is that I am never ever going back to that place ever.

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