Whispers from a friend

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This happened to me a while back. I live in a rural area in Tennessee. Our home Is surrounded by forest. I never go in the woods because I’m a huge crybaby. I must admit that I don’t have many “girly” female friends (or female friends in general). I didn’t want anybody to think that I didn’t like girly girls. So I was sitting on the porch with my puppy, Myera.

My friends dad’s rust red beaten old pick-up truck comes into the yard.

A few of my friends jumped out of the truck smiling and yelling my name. ” mia! Happy Tuesday dude!” Said Cory ” Time for trek-up-the-mountain-Tuesday!”shouted Randall. Thats basically what my friends said. Trek-up-the-mountain-Tuesday is a thing we do sometimes. They were shouting that it was Tuesday because I hate it. We packed up some random survival crap and headed out to the woods with myera in my arms (she hates stepping on thorns and they were everywhere).

Randall and Cory started messing with me talking about the rake and wendigo. We were getting really far into the woods and Myera’s ears went down and her tail went in between her legs. She started whimpering. “What’s with the mutt?” Asked Cory.

I told him that she was probably homesick. “Probably?”. I told him to shut up. A few minutes later myera completely lost her stuff and literally started screaming. They gave me the “unnecessary death stare” like that what the heck is going on stare. I picked her up and rocked her like a baby until she was asleep.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Asked Randall. “Shut up Randall!” Was the last thing I heard before everything went silent.

We heard rustling. Circling us. And it wasn’t far away. We heard a sort of gurgly growl not too far off from us. I’m the biggest crybaby in the group so I was of coarse freaking the heck out. We turned back and in basically no time we were in a full Sprint until we heard the scream of something. It was so loud it made myera start crying again.

“Holy fudgeknuckles” whispered Cory.

We ran faster. We were all basically crying. Randall, he stopped and turned around we stopped too and ran to his aid. He pointed to a tree. There was a dark figure of a huge deer behind it, staring him directly in the eyes. We sighed in relief, knowing it was simply a deer. Until it moved out from behind the tree. It was hunched over and had disturbingly human eyes. We screamed and ran away home alone style and cryed the whole way back and told my mom. gave us food and a blanket and we watched a vhs on my crappy tv.

The Next day I remembered I left my bag in the woods. I called Randall and Cory and they came with me. When we were in the woods I got the scariest feeling. I heard a whisper in my head. “Hello once again, friend”. We found the bag and got home. Please tell me if this is maybe a skinwalker wendigo or maybe a rake. Sorry for all the dumb detail.

My name is Mia and I am a 14 year old girl from Tennessee and I just want answers.



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