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Ive met many girls on Tinder throughout the years. All were 1 night stands except for my ex Gf, Tracy. We dated for a couple of months, but I found out she was married and had 3 kids. I had no idea and obviously neither did her husband. I ended it after I found out. Lately I’ve been chatting with a new girl named Sarah. She’s cute, down to earth, funny and according to her social media, she isn’t married. We’ve been chatting for about a month now, but had yet to meet up until about a week ago when My friends invited me to a bar In Palm Springs for my friend’s 30th birthday celebration. This city is about 2 hours from my home, but since I haven’t seen these friends for a while and we’re celebrating a milestone for my friend, I agreed. I checked it out online and saw that The bar had a live band and a dance floor. Seemed like a perfect place to meet and mingle with Sarah. The funny thing is, Palm Springs is only 30 minutes from her home. I invited her and she didn’t hesitate. She said yes. She wondered why it took me So long to meet up with her but after my last Tinder date, I can’t be too careful.
The night comes and I show up at around 9pm my friends are there waiting for me and Sarah had agreed to meet me there at 11pm. I ate, I danced, I had a few drinks. At 11pm exactly I receive a text from Sarah telling me she’s arrived. I went to the front of the bar and stood there waiting for her. Coming through the door I see Sarah… Pushing an old man in a wheelchair. The man is quiet, serious and looks sick. When she saw me she gave me a big hug and said “I hope you don’t mind me bringing my dad, he’s sick”. It was surprising to me as she’s never mentioned this before… In fact she said her dad just returned from a trip to Haiti and was going to dinner with him last week. I smiled politely and told her not to worry about it. I introduced her and her father to the birthday boy and gave him the “don’t stare” face. He also smiled and greeted my new guests.
After a couple of hours of drinks and dancing I said fairwell to Sarah and her father. They were bring taken home in a van… For the 2 hours they were there, Her father didn’t say a word to me and didn’t crack a smile or smirk
He stared blankly at whomever was speaking to him. Once they left, I text her… “I hope you had a great time, sorry about your father, I hope he’s OK. Sucks that I could interact with him much.” she didn’t reply for about an hour and all she said was “Thanks”
Being the prideful person I am, I did not reply to her text. She either didn’t like me in person or she was taking care of her dad. Those were my only 2 thoughts. At around 3am we decided to head out and have a few drinks at my friend’s sister’s house. She lived about 5 minutes away, so it was the best option… Especially With the other option being a possible DUI.
When we arrived at the house we sat in the living room to have a few drinks and listen to music. The curtains were open with a view to the street. As we were talking my friend Jimmy yelled out “Bro! Isn’t that your date’s dad, the wheel chair guy?” I looked and yes… It was. I felt a cold chill down my spine
What could he possibly be doing rolling down the street by himself? I thought of texting Sarah, but I decided against it.
At around 6am we decided to get some rest there in the living room and hit the ihop early in the morning. At around 7am I woke up, freshened up a bit and walked down the street to get in my car… The boys were doing the same. When I got in the car, I started driving to the ihop down the road… I was about a block down when again I see Sarah’s dad sitting still in his wheel chair next to a tree on the sidewalk. I immediately called Sarah and no response. Now I was beggining to worry. I turned the car around and planned to speak with the man. Maybe he needed help… The man was gone.
I was perplexed but decided to go about my day. Kind of missing Sarah during breakfast, I decided to go through her Facebook. Maybe she mentioned last night or maybe I have a message from her. After seeing she didn’t post about our date and started looking through her pictures.. May sound Stalkerish but man is she beautiful. As I was going through her pics, I felt the same chill down my spine I had felt before… There was a picture of her and her mother… At dinner… With her father… After his trip… It was not the same man in the wheel chair.
Her father looked healthy, fat and at least 20 years younger than the man in the wheel chair. I was in complete disbelief… Why would she lie?
Ding!! I get a message from her… It was 4 words that will haunt me forever. Daddy didn’t like you… She blocked me and I haven’t heard from her since.

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