What was in the tree

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This is a true story even if no one believes me I am from a southern African country called Botswana and I leave close to the Okavango swamp lands.

Their is a lot of small islands that people camp.when I was about 10 my dad my uncle and my self where going on a campaign trip to a island that we gave the name butterfly island now this is not where the incounter the creator it was on the way to the island when we saw a island that looked nice to have lunch on so after we eat lunch my dad and uncle desided to stay the fisrts night there this made me happy as I could explore.

After about 30 minutes of walking in the bush.when I heard a loud clicking sound from all around me it sounded like a predator but different

when suddenly I heard branches braking above me this made me fall as I thought the branches where going to hit me.when I looked up all I saw was red eyes looking down on me this made me feel hollow like it was looking through me.

when the black bodied creature started pushing its way through the the branches showing wings and it started to falp until it jumped down ready to grab an easy meal.when I saw that I didn’t even realize that I was sprinting through the bush until I ran into something .I looked up and saw it was my dad and when he saw me drained of color he ask what happened

all I said was it was a animal I can’t remember what but all i saw the rest of that trip was red eyes in my dreams no nightmares I don’t know what it was but I will never forget it.


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