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When I was young, and I still do see, a man, kind of elderly, I would talk to him almost everyday coming from school, he was a very kind elderly man, he told me he was from Mexico, as he spoke very little English, he spoke to me in Spanish at times, as I knew Spanish as a young Hispanic girl, he also told me he participated in the Mexican Navy, I was always interested in his stories, he was my childhood hero, when I described him to my mother, she looked sad.

One day when I was 9 or 10, my grandmother showed me a picture of my grandfather, it was the man I talked to as a young girl.

My grandfather died 26 years ago, July 27, 1990, next month marks it.

Nowadays, I am 14, going onto High School, I miss him, I moved to another state, from my childhood home in March of this year, next week I will visit for summer vacation, will I see him again? Or will I see others like him? Has he left?

Sometimes this “gift” feels like a blessing from God, personally, I dont believe in God, not to offend anyone, not really interested in religion, but at the same, like, a curse from the man above, I see things my family or anyone doesn’t see, it gets scary, but I’m used to it, I want to tell my bestfriend, I really like him but I don’t want to freak him out, and I am afraid something will happen to me if I get too close to one of them..

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