Werewolves at camp

Hello, I am  a 13 year old boy in the seventh grade and I live in upstate South Carolina; I am here to tell you about my real monster sighting at my camp grounds last summer. So last summer I went to a summer camp Above my state, when we were there, there were wide trails and a big pasture was at the end of one. So after we discovered this, me and 3 of my friends their names were Dylan, Cameron, and Thomas, Went down the trail at around 11 at night.

So as we were on our way, we heard big steps around us.

I asked Thomas what it was, btw Thomas is never scared of everything and he went hunting almost every day afterschool in the hunting season, he said it was just a squirrel. I went with that and kept walking down the path. When we finally got to the pasture, we saw something running across the field; it was hard to make out what it was considering it was 11 o’clock at night.

Thomas played it off as a coyote but I questioned him since they usually run in packs. After that, we just talked and then started the 1 mile treck back. On the way there, something ran super fast across the path in less than a second; after this, we were frozen, then we heard something behind us and when we looked, it was standing there, this wolf like creature standing at least 8 feet tall it was black or dark brown and it snarled like a dog would if you touch it when it’s sleeping.

The only way we saw it was from the fact that the moon was full that night and people at the camp that day had already, what I thought was jokingly, warned us of those woods on a full moon, or for any moon. So after we saw it and it saw us, we ran sprinting back to our cabin. When I looked back, it didn’t chase us it just stood and ran off into the brush and left us alone.

After this experience, I hardly ever go into the woods at night without my dads glock and if I ever see that thing again I will try my hardest to get a picture or see if it’s actually nice.


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