Werewolf stalking

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I was just starting high school. I had just got my listens which means me and my friend Darren were gonna do stupid shit. One night when I was driving with my friend he yelled at me to stop the car, i asked why he yelled at me and he was staring at the field next to us and said look.

When I looked over I saw something black stand up I would say it was 8-9 feet tall.

When us noticed us, i floored it.

We were looking at each other with the say question on our minds, what the fuck was that? 2 days go by we’ve told alot of people they didn’t believe us of course were 9th graders. I’m native American so when I went to a tribal meeting and I told my elders about this and they said it was a bad medicine man.

When the tribal meeting was over I got in my car and was about to leave when I looked over to see something looking at me with bright yellow eyes. In fear i grabbed my dads hand gun i took from him. I pointed it at the creature and fired 2 rounds at it. Now I don’t know if they bullets connected but it ran off into the woods. I started my car and speed home. When I told my dad he told me to stop driving down the road i take to my school and I stopped.

One day after school I went to my friend darrens house. His parents were going out and we had a plan to play games and drink a little. He called his girlfriend to come over and I felt lonely so I called mine. When they got there we were playing the ps3 he had and had a beer or two.

Then we all stopped when we heard this skin crawling howl. His house is in the edge of the woods. Me and darren looked at each other. I was gonna get my gun but it was in my car and I wasn’t planning to go outside anytime soon. We locked the doors and windows. Scared we discided to try to get some sleep when we heard the blood curling howl again.

But it sounded like it was right outside so we called the local police to come check and when they showed up they couldn’t find anything but some giant paw prints right outside the front door.

Till this day i haven’t driven down that road at night and Darren says he still has nightmares about that thing we saw that night.

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