Werewolf in the Woods

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It was a sunny day.. Me and my friend were hanging in the park.. The park was nice and we would spend most of our time there.. We would love to play at that park.. We are a strange group.. We would like to roleplay.. Play action games outside ..

And alot of violence ..

We would get rough sometimes but we would take it..We always were curious why there was a bunker like house in the building.. It was right next to the park in the forest.. It had a metal door and glass windows with metal wires in them..

And the windows were barred..It looked strange and suspicious.. It had a big brown fence .. Which was odd.. But we brushed it off thinking it was some guy who wanted to have his own house with a garden..Because we lived in an urban area there was not free space for a house anywhere for miles.. So yeah.. That day.. I was with one of my friends.. His name is foreign because we are in a different country so im going to make up names for both of us.. Lets say his name is Tyler .. And mine is Eric..

Now.. We were just talking in the park and making jokes.. Like we always do.. We have a really and I mean REALLY dark humor.. So sometimes we would act normally when other people were there and retarded when only us were alone.. We decided we would go get my flashlight and go explore the little forest part.. And scare eachother.. For funs purpose.. When we went to my home and came back it was already getting dark..

We waited an hour and a half .. It was already pitch black in the forest.. We continued going throught the forest.. When we were halfway there I gave him the flashlight ’cause he was begging me to give it so he can flash everywhere he wants.. He flashed up the trees and a bunch of crows were flying off it and making a bunch of sound.. We got scared as hell and laughed it all out..And let me just say at the day its not that creepy at all and it looks like a just a part of land with some trees.. But in the night it looks like im in the middle of a huge forest..

About a couple of more minutes he stopped.. I asked “What is it? What do you see?” He just said .. “Look over there..” I looked and I saw a big dog like creature.. I was shocked because as a kid I would always like to say to my friends I was a werewolf .. They were on and off again one time believing me one time not.. Its complicated..

When I saw those two glowing big red eyes..

I was noping so much that I was almost saying it out loud.. I wanted to run but I couldn’t leave my friend..I froze for a moment.. But came back to reality.. I just said “RUN!” And we started bolting out of there.. We were running like never before.. He was in front of me because I let him take the lead .. He was much taller and stronger.. But I was faster.. When we got nearly there.. I slipped and fell in the mud.. Because we laugh at everything..

he came back and picked me up and when we got there he started laughing.. I was scared shitless and I think he was too but we just couldn’t help ourselves.. This probably looks ridicuolous but shamefully thats what happened.. When we got a glimpse of the forest again we saw a big dark silluete rush on the other side of the forest..

Now I did see it as a quadrupedal animal and it probably could have been a dog.. But when we saw it running on the other side it was bipedal and it was fast..

Faster than anything i’ve seen in my life.. We got scared then.. Arguing about if it was a dog or a werewolf.. I don’t know it happened all so fast.. We were just rambling random stuff at this point.. And that was the first part of it.. We came back home told our parents but as always they didn’t believe us..

On the other hand our friends did.. We were scared and I still am to this day.. But something told us to come back.. And we did.. The other night.. When we entered it again I felt a feeling like something wasn’t right.. Because I was an idiot I didn’t check if it was a full moon on either nights..

So we just resumed.. And we heard something..

We looked to our side.. It was coming from the little house with the metal door.. I said “Im gonna go check that out you stay here” Which he replied “No dude.. Don’t go out there.. Something could be in there” I didn’t listen and I climbed the fence over and climbed to the windows to see what was making noise in there..

The noise was quite strange.. Like a screaming but..It was very deep.. Demon like deep..

When I peeked through the windows I saw a living room.. Everything as usual.. But when I saw what was in front of me.. A door frame.. With no door on and the room in there was pitch black.. I couldn’t see a thing .. I couldn’t hear the sound anymore.. That’s when it happened.. It came out of the dark so fast I barely saw what it was .. It broke the glass and pushed me back and I fell on my back.. Glass luckily didn’t cut my face bad .. With only a few minor cuts.. When I fell I saw a big black hand with grim 5 inch claws..

Like it was trying to get out.. But the windows were very small .. And they were barred too.. After a few seconds the hand dissapeared.. I was so scared I wanted to run.. But I thought I could get a picture for evidence.. I put out my phone and tried to take a picture.. I climbed the broken window and turned the camera on..

It was more logical to record but I was so shocked at the time I didn’t know what I was thinking.. I saw nothing there.. It was quiet.. Very quiet.. So I thought it has gone in an other room .. When I tried to peek more through the window .. I saw it staring at me.. From the side.. I was no more than 10 centimeters away from that thing.. The only thing that was seperating us were the bars.. I backed out quickly but stayed on the window which I regret doing.. The thing started banging the metal door..The first bang was loud the second one was so loud the vibration knocked me off the window..

I was horrified.. It had black thick fur.. Pointy ears.. Dark red eyes.. Alongated mouth .. It was all wolf like.. But it was bipedal.. And its arms and legs were of a man.. IT resembled like the popular movie Underworld’s Evolution White Werewolf for some reason but only the features..

As I said it’s fur was dark..It was stupid of me for ever coming back there.. I quickly jumped through the fence but my friend was no where to be found.. I thought “Did he really freacking leave me out here alone?!” And then that’s when he appeared out of a bush and said “Go GO!!!” We started running towards our buildings..Half the way we heard the most terrifying thing we ever heard in our lives.. The howl.. It was a deep demon like howl simillar to a wolfs howl but way deeper and with a tone I can’t even explain..

We lived in the same street so we were together the whole time.. We just dashed into our houses.. Our parents thought a dog had attacked us..And we made the other stuff up.. But we knew better than that.. A dog that was twice our size? BIPEDAL.. And it was in the house.. Plus it’s hands were not even simillar to a dog.. We knew from the moment we saw it that it was a Werewolf.. We thought that all of it was true.. The myths the legends.. Everything.. A year has ONLY passed.. And we came back to that place at day..

But we wouldn’t dare walk anywhere near there at night..


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