Werewolf in the barn

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Location: south Minnesota. on private property in farm country. the property was rather large and heavily wooded in areas. along with a small pond and steep stream bed.
It was the beginning of November when I had my encounter with this…monster. my wife and I had just finished cleaning up after our yearly Halloween party. we invite the entire family out and set up a haunted trail that the younger people in the family enjoy.

it was two days after the party when it happened. It was about 8:50pm and we had finally finished storing all the decorations and also moving our five horses up to the main barn from their lock out pasture. we had put them down there so we could use the main pasture for the trail. the horses did not make it very easy either. they bolted as soon as we opened the gate.
we basically had to run the mile up hill to catch up.
we set out fresh hay and locked them in since there was going to be a hard freeze that night.I had just put dinner in and was enjoying some television when my phone got a text message in the kitchen. I just got to my feet when I heard the horses raising all hell from the barn.
I figured one of the farm dogs got locked in without realizing,sometimes they prefer to sleep on the hay instead of carpet in their house.
I grabbed my spotlight and went out onto my porch to find all my dogs there, all focused on the barn. I shined it down in the lockout pasture and saw the horses all on one side of the corral staring at the open barn door, stock still. I was still thinking they still had gotten spooked by something minor, like a bat flying around or tool falling off the wall. I yelled up to my wife, who was upstairs. “
Something spooked the horses. I’m going to round them up, Can you help?”. It took Her a minute to reply. ” Yeah…give me a few”. I called for the dogs to come with me and started for the barn.
(My barns layout is important to the story details. so I’ll explain. Its built in the side of a small hill with the top floor level with the top of the hill. the Bottom floor is connected on two sides to the main pasture and the lock out pasture, the horses were in the lock out pasture. the interior is one segmented room with a large loft and a gated area for the horses to come and go as they please. the loft we used for Hay and Feed.
there was a window on one side of the loft wall which we keep open a few feet for fresh air. the top level only had one door and was for storing ATVs, hunting and horse supplies. which is always locked.)
I walked into the barn pasture and the horses immediately trotted to crowd around me, almost pushing me over.I yelled and they backed off, giving me some room. my wife’s mare, cherry kept rubbing her muzzle against me, eyes wide and terrified. I began to pet her in an attempt to calm her but my hand came back wet with blood.
I shined the light to her shoulder and a large and fresh gash that tapered into four parallel cuts .
I immediately thought Bear and shone the light into the barn. besides a few tools and some buckets thrown around there was nothing. I figured it smelled some of the garbage left in the upper level from the party. I was about to start to lock the horses back up when I noticed a bale of hay laying on the floor, twine still on it.
it was not there when I locked them up.
I went ridged and shone my light up to the loft, expecting to see a black bear but I could only see the first couple feet of the loft, so I had to climb up. I walked over to the ladder and noticed some dark gray hair hanging on a nail about half way up. right before I was about to climb up I heard My Wife behind me start to scream along with the horses whinnying.
I spun around to see her shining her own light upward to the top of the barn. “the window” I thought and bolted to her side and looked up.
It wasn’t a bear. At first I thought it was one of my younger relatives pulling a prank on me. but when It opened its mouth and start to pant like a dog I knew it was no prank. the creature was about six feet tall, at least two hundred pounds.
it was dark gray with a lighter shade around its neck. its head was very similar to a German Shepard but with a much larger muzzle, and its eyes…
the closest I can describe in color would be beer but if someone had shone a dull yellow light through it, and those eyes were locked on us, mouth was still open revealing sharp and jagged teeth, stained light brown. it was almost leaning out of the window, one hand resting on the side. its hands resembled almost a raccoons hands, with long bony fingers and sharp claws.
My wife was about to scream again but I shot my hand back and covered her mouth. She immediately grabbed my arm and clung to me. The creature put both hands on the window. I leaned down and whispered “Run on three, Don’t look back and hold th…”.
The creature jumped down and went to all fours and growled. We bolted. the 25 yard gap between the house and the barn seemed to take minutes but it was only 20 or 30 seconds. the dogs had all ran back to the deck and were all growling and baring teeth.
my wife reached the door first and flung it open, turned and screamed.
I risked glanced behind and saw that it was close, less then 10 feet. I reached the front steps and jumped as hard and as far as I could, and thankfully landed inside with the dogs right behind me. My wife slammed the door and was then thrown back as the door flung back open, the creature standing up now, baring teeth. but thankfully the door slammed back and was only slightly open.
I saw the porch light through the crack in the door start to be blocked out and quickly kicked it shut, sprung to my feet and put all my weight into it.
I felt the creature slam into the door and heard the wood crack. my wife thankfully had recovered and rushed to my side to set the lock in place. we left the entryway, locking another door behind us and ran into our kitchen. the only window was a small one above the sink which we hid under, hopefully out of sight.
I luckily had a pistol in the kitchen but it was in few of the window. we huddled there for three hours, all the while the creature was running along and banging on windows, walls and the doors. our each dogs sat in different entryways to other rooms. they bared there teeth one at a time, they must have seen it in windows. a few times we saw a shadow on the floor in front of us from the kitchen window. not too long after that we heard the horses winny followed by a loud crash. I figured that they broke down the gate to escape into the pasture.
we felt relived until one of the dogs bared its teeth a moment later and the assault on the house continued.
it was midnight when things settled and the dogs no longer bared their teeth. we went to the bedroom, shut all the curtains and locked the door.we tried to sleep but every little sound outside made me to jump and my wife was worried about the horses.Finally we managed to sleep at the crack of dawn but only a few hours. when we awoke we immediately went to check the horses.
thankfully they were all fine, terrified but fine and the only wounded one was my wife’s mare.
the morning sun revealed that the gash that the beast left had already stopped bleeding. we patched her up and started on repairing the barn door. But as it turns out it didn’t need repairs at all. We had used a heavy bolt to lock the horses in, it was undone and the latch was flipped. I realized that this thing had to be very intelligent. That day we went into to town. one stop to get a deadbolt for the barn, and another by the Sporting goods store for a new gun.
But every since that night we had no more encounters, unless you count the horses refusing to leave the barn a few weeks later. I asked my nearby neighbors if anything strange happened on their property and all but one had no problems.
The one was a Neighbor from a few miles south of my property. when I asked what happened all he told me was that he lost a stallion a few weeks prior to my encounter. I asked him if he saw anything and he gave me a funny look and said that he figured it was a roaming bear or a large pack of coyotes.
I thought he was hiding something but I didn’t push any further. Since then I can’t look at the woods the same anymore, If these things are out there who knows what else is. I don’t feel safe going fishing, camping or even horseback riding. I will say this though.
Watch your backs in the woods.

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I just want to make sure this was categorized correctly, this is a creepypasta not a true story – right? I only ask because I swear this is written like a true story and I had to stop once the horses were being hurt. I can’t handle animals being scared little alone injured – plus it seems a lot of ppl don’t understand that the term creepypasta means fictional. So… which is it? Real or Fake


Can a wolf open a door or stand on 2 legs?


Wow, now I’m glad I didn’t finish your story. You’re just rude! There’s no need to be sarcastic. For whatever reason my end shows what category the stories fall under at the beginning, before the story starts. So I started this story blindly, got to a part I couldn’t get through until I knew and because the category was at the end, which I skipped, you felt the need to be a jerk. Awesome!

To answer your, most likely, rhetorical question – there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of stories over the centuries about Shape-shifters, Werewolves, Rakes, Wendigo’s and the like, witnessed by people. Based upon eyewitness accounts, yes apparently wolf can open a door and stand on two legs.

Please don’t bother replying, I won’t bother reading it. I don’t give more than my two cents to rude ppl. Bye!