Werewolf in Hawaii

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I lived in a small town called Kealakekua on the big island (Kay-ala-Kay-Ku-a) and I lived in a somewhat small neighborhood. I don’t live there anymore because of family reasons and I now live in California, but I may move back there one day.

Now I know what your thinking, Hawaii? There’s no forests there or woods, yes that may be true but there’s some places on the big island that has a forest “like” place believe me.

I used to go to a charter school that had a forest next to the school and my class would go there for fun,

I really enjoyed going there, we even had pretend workshops in the forest where we would pretend to make food with leaves and ginger we found on ground. Those were some good times but on one day that all changed.

We were just having fun in our pretend workshops and my pretend boss told me to find more ginger deeper in the forest and I happily agreed to.

Now I was 5-6 at the time and you would think I would have wild imaginations right?


I might have been a weird child but anything I see I would 100% believe, I actually have another story about me seeing a shadow figure at the time and I know I was wasn’t dreaming at the time because my eyes were open but I’ll save that story for another time.

So I was looking for gingers and when I saw one near tall grasses I heard growling, it sounded aggressive like a dog ready to fight. I was confused at the moment, there’s no dogs here because there were no houses near the school.

The growls were getting louder and louder until I heard it next to the tall grass area.

I walked toward it until I saw them, Yellow glowing eyes staring back at me, I was frozen in fear I-I couldn’t move or scream, it kept staring at me like it could see through me, after a couple second later the eyes went back into the tall grass, I finally began to move again and I was somewhat relieved but I was still terrified so I got the ginger from the ground and ran back to my teacher.

When I hug my teacher, I cried, I’ve never been so scared in my life.

I told my teacher everything but she just told me it was probably some dog that went stray and somehow got to the school. I believed her and told myself that maybe she’s right that my mind were probably playing tricks on me but days later that those eyes I saw weren’t just my imaginations.

Finally the weekend came and I finally got some good needed rest after that incident, I told my parents what I saw but they said the same thing that it was probably a stray dog.

Now I’m not a normal girl that likes pink stuff and glitter, i always believed in the paranormal and spooky stuff, my dad let me watch horror movies since I was 4 because I guess he didn’t care and even now at 16 years old I still love paranormal stuff even though it scares me. Now anyways. One night when I was celebrating one my dad friend children birthday and all my neighborhood friends came to play in my large backyard. we were playing soccer and the ball fell off the yard cliff, yup my house was built a certain way that the yard had cliff. When the ball fell off i volunteered to go get it,

It rolled deep into the forest next to the yard and it was complete darkness you couldn’t even see the trees, but I sucked up my fears and I grabbed a flashlight and climbed down the rock wall.

Once I got down there I flicked the light on and searched for the soccer ball, I felt like I was being watch all over but after a few minutes of looking I found, it next to a tree, I went to go grab it and then all of a sudden I heard all of a sudden I heard a growl. It sounded menacing and aggressive. I froze for a minute and searched with my flashlight to find where that noise came from, the growls got louder and louder until I heard it next to the soccer ball.

I saw what looked like saliva dripping from the ball, I started to walk backwards to the rock wall until I saw a black figure walk into the moonlight, it was on two hind legs with long yellow nails,

It was 7 feet tall with a face of a German Shepard with menacing sharp teeth dripping with saliva and it hands of a large dude with grotesque yellow talons coming from each finger, i looked down to see it had the body of a body builder. until I realized that the eyes.

The eyes were sickening yellow that made me remind of that day when I saw those yellow eyes in the tall grass and they were the same color, it went on all floors like it was about to charge me. I-I didn’t know what to i was thinking a million things to do until I heard pounding feet coming toward me.

I snapped out of it and tried to find a tree to climb, I found one and tried to make my way up there until I felt a huge gash on my leg, as I was climbing the tree it managed to scratch me.

I fell to the hard ground and began to cry immensely while screaming,

I heard feet steps coming my way and knew it was the adults coming for me. The creature got on all floors and ran deeper into the forest, I was assuming it didn’t want to be seen or captured so it booked it and ran away. I wanted to go grab the ball so I crawled slowly to grabbed the ball and waited for the adults to get to me, they saw that I was very injured so they then carried me and took me back to the house to cover up the bleeding.

They later took me to the hospital to check if I got an infection or something but after an hour they told me I’m going to be alright and should take it easy until it healed. I listened to the doctor and had lists of rest, but after that faithful night I never seen or heard of that creature again

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Wow, that’s crazy. You’re right, I never would have guessed that Hawaii would have werewolves but, then again, werewolves shouldn’t exist at all anywhere! How terrified you must have been at such a young age, any person (at any age) would have been just as scared. Did you need stitches? Did you take pictures? Have you noticed any odd side effects? Just curious. What did you tell your parents as to what happened to your leg?


in folklore getting scratched or bitten you could become 1 but then again that could be false