By Skyler B.

This is the first time I’ve EVER seen anything out of the ordinary, and it is by far the most horrifying moment of my life.

I used to go hiking on a trail near my home in Tennessee. We lived out in the boondocks, so I was pretty used to the woods. I would always go out for a walk with my basset hound, Flash, every evening. But just the other day was the first time I’ve ever seen Flash growl and yelp the way he did.

We were coming around a bend right next to a small pond that was completely overgrown with thin trees. Suddenly, Flash started growling and barking his head off. I looked where he was facing, but I couldn’t see anything. I kept walking, but he wouldn’t follow. Then, he started yelping, as if someone had kicked him in the gut! Just the sound of him panicking freaked me out enough to back up a bit.

That’s when I heard something crashing through the woods ahead of us along with the most foul smell I’ve ever smelled. It smelled like death and vomit. I stood close to flash and started backing up when something broke through the thick foliage ahead of us.

I had never seen anything like this creature before, and it all happened so fast, so I’ll do my best to explain what it looked like.

It was the shape of a large dog with really long fur, as if the  thing had never been groomed. Even the snout protruded outward like a canine. But there were sharp fangs hanging from its maw on either side. Weirdest of all though, there were antlers on its head. The thing honestly looked like a carnivorous, rabid deer. Except this thing was far too bulky and short to be a deer.

I took off toward home full speed, glancing behind me as I ran. After the third or fourth glance, the thing must’ve run off as well because I could no longer see it. I didn’t slow down – For all I knew, that thing could’ve been stalking me. I didn’t stop to catch my breath until I was home with every door locked.

I haven’t seen anything since then, and I hope I never do. I just really miss going on walks.


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