The Wendigo of McCullom Lake/McHenry IL.

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To be specific my name is Carl, you might see me in a few videos on our youtube channel the 12 guys in a basement. Let me give you a little backround heritage information about myself. I am 25 percent Native American, so most of the stuff about these historical cryptids and monsters are serious to me. Anyway, these ocasional sightings have been occuring since the past year, my friend Ryne has said to have seen it along the bike trail near his house, yes the same trail we used to film a cringy food review.

Let me give you a little layout of the area. . . from my house there is a 2 mile long bike path that runs through both our neighborhoods. If you ride your bike up the path to half a mile, you will find yourself in the midde of a vast open park and since the trail is facing north, to your left is a beutiful lake known as McCullum Lake IL. Well thats the spot where he had claimed to have encountered it. To this I never took him seriously, that is until, I had an encounter of my own. You see we were just in the midst of filming the third epissode of Carl’s ghost in the middle of a corn feid that was right next to an abandoned house lot in the middle of the woods, which is just located next to the lake.

While making the first cutscean I noticed at the coner if my eye a huminoid figure on what I believe to be on all fours emerged from the empty cornfeild and onto the road, just a few yards away from where we were both standing.

Keep in mind it was pitch black outside when we were making the video, so all I could see was the thing walking back into the darkness on the other side of the road given the fact that its horiffic features were exposed under the street light.

Alarm bells in my head went off and to my horror I told Ryne that there was something crossing the road right behind us and that we needed to get out of here NOW. He laughed and said that I must be fucking with him, but he eventually saw my ghost white expression on my face, and he agreed that we make one more cutscean and get out of the area as soon as posible. Skip ahead a few days and as ridiculus as it sounds, I find myself wondering those same woods looking for my sun glasses that I had left behind the previouse nigt. While wondering these woods or the house lot,

I had this gut feeling telling me that I was’nt alone, and red flags told me to get the hell out of the area. What I found next shocked me to death. What I found were bare human prints that looked like someone was walking bear-foot, only the “toes” ENDED IN CLAWS”.

Red flags went up in my head, and that’s when the stench of rot and decay hit me harder than a frieght train barraling torwards me. I came to my senses and realized that I wasn’t welcome

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