wendigo in the woods

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before i tell the story i need to give a little background, this happened in early 2012 i had turned 12 about a month before this happened the cabin we were staying at had 3 floors to it. a basement with 2 bedrooms and a furnace, a middle floor with a bathroom and a kitchen and a top floor open bedroom with two beds. the cabin was built on a slant the front of the cabin facing towards the empty road the back facing a forested area with a tree line , the nearest gas station about 2 miles from the cabin. now onto my story,me, my dad , my step mom , step brothers and my dads buddy and his girlfriend had gotten to the cabin ,

fresh snow had just fallen on the ground due to the cabin being on a pretty empty mountain in the middle of nowhere. we all went to our rooms to unpack, me with my older step brother , my dad , step mom and youngest step brother and my dads buddy and his girlfriend. after we unpacked we went to bed as we had arrived pretty late at night things went normally that night ,

the next  morning me and my oldest step brother had gone downstairs and ate breakfast and then went outside the play in the snow in our snow gear so we were outside playing on the side of the house when my step brother has to use the bathroom inside so i stayed outside and kept playing and as i was playing i noticed a tall figure on all fours , the figure was almost as pale as the snow itself with patches of brown rotting fur and sunken in pale blue glowing eyes with gangly long limbs with long fingers each finger a long grey claw the weirdest part about the figure was that it had a deer skull with rotting antlers instead of a head. the creature looked at me and let out an ear piercing scream and ran back into the tree line. i pissed my pants  as my step brother came back out and asked why i looked so pale i just told him i was cold from being outside and went back in.

later that night i couldn’t sleep because i kept thinking about that thing i saw earlier and than i heard a scraping noise along the cabin i sounded like nails on a chalk board so i snuck out of bed and looked down stairs and my jaw dropped , outside walking along the porch was the thing i saw earlier scraping its antlers along the cabin wall. it stopped and looked up at me its pale blue glowing eyes staring back at me i almost screamed , i turned to go downstairs but by the time i checked for it again it had vanished and since then i haven’t seen the creature but several years later i finally found out what i had seen it was a wendigo a native American legend

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