Wendigo in Indiana

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My uncle owns an 100 acre property along the Ohio River in Indiana now we lived in the house that often the had 7 to 6 kids in it me and my cousin’s Gabby and Roland where the closest of the bunch we were inseparable no one weekend we had the chance to go camping right in the middle of the Woods after getting permission Pact our stuff which concluded BB guns and pellet guns a lighter that we can use to start a fire and and a couple bits of food now we know our way around safety fires in medicine after all we lived in the country grew up learning this stuff but we finally got to our campsite and the sun had started already to set we got to work on something or tense up me and Roland went to go find firewood for Gabby went to go set up the tents set up in a small field about about 10 miles east to the house night had finally fallen and we were around the campfire when I turned over to Roland and said hey Roland did you bring the bucket

He turned to me and said no John I didn’t bring the bucket I checked it in the creek yeah I brought the bucket and then proceeded to hand it to me after walking about 50 feet away from the Campsite in behind a tree I began to do my business but five minutes later I was done I dump the bucket out when I heard a branch snap about maybe 5 yards to my left naturally  I flip bricks but after rationalizing it to be one of the kids playing Manhunt which we heard all around us because they needed something to do and since we wanted to go camping that was all we given up no I was like hey I’m not it I whispered no response came from the side of the Woods I’m not even playing I’m out here camping with Gabby and Roland still no response when another Branch snapped this time about 2 yards away from me but this time from the left naturally I was terrified about this point nobody was brought in me and it move at a rapid Pace without making any noise had to go all the way around me without making noise granted this is fall and there are leaves all over the place now I naturally  started to run away I said nope no mystery murder today ran back to the campsite and I told them being Gabby and Roland when I told them what I saw neither of them believed me and they told me to shut up and grab a stick as they were roasting marshmallows about four hours later the fire had started to die down and this is when stuff started getting real of course this whole story is real but this is when it started happening quickly and this is where my memory gets fuzzy we begin to trickle into our tents and sooner than later we begin to hear sticks crunching outside of our tents me and Roland slept in 1 being the boys and Gabby slept in another when we finally realized that it wasn’t Gabby outside we grabbed the BB guns and walked outside when we arrived out there there was nothing but we did notice that the sticks from the fire had been strewn about we opened Gabby’s tint and we asked her if she had heard it and she said that she had had one better she saw it her description was a tall thin legged creature with humans longer than her legs and torso combined and it was pale white when we finally got everything packed up as we would not be staying the night Roland had claimed to see something in the trees matching Gabby’s description we then decided to leave immediately and began 10 mile hike back to the house Gabby checked her phone it was 3 something a.m. we were about on the 5th mile of the hike back when Gabby took off without warning mean or Roland bothered to even ask we had the message and we took off after her Roland sprinted ahead of me as I thought you little and he turned BB gun drawn again I did the same as I felt I owed him for watching my back we did this all the way back to the house when we arrived we discovered Gabby had made it we had Terror pure Terror written across their faces yet nobody but one of the other kids believe this the other kid was 8 year old Mike he had the same thing happen to him in broad daylight and he refused to go into the woods without an adult or an older kid but everybody teased us about this saying that we had gotten scared of a bird and came home but that was not the case no matter how much we pleaded to them they didn’t believe us and we eventually slept in our own beds well not me at least I’m not sure if Gabby and Rowland stayed awake but I didn’t get a wink of sleep I’m not going to go and say that there were any cliche Knox and TAPS at the window but I refuse just as Levi to go in the woods ever under any circumstance give me a 22 and I might consider it but that’s a big might

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