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Hello I’m going to just call my self hunter for privacy reasons, I’m a fairly strong guy and pretty brave, and i swear on my live this is true, I’m 17 in Canada in first nations territory my mom and sister where in the city a days journey from where i live, and my dad was at work we have 6 dogs because my sister loves them.I was alone to do anything really,

i was bored on this day and decided to go on a walk up the creek close to my house after that i walked in the field that had a broken house since 1985 so it was an old old house after awhile i decided to sit and enjoy the scenery i had my earbuds in so i didn’t hear anything, i didn’t realized it till after my mp3 player died that everything was dead quiet then i heard it “hunter over here i need help” it was my sisters voice,

but it was off like someone took a tube and said it all i had was my hunting knife, i was split between my loyalty or my instincts telling me to run until i remembered my sister was gone so i started to walk away vary slowly

and i heard heavy footsteps my mind was racing and i was like a statue then i felt breathing on my neck so i jabed it with my elbow what felt like human chin and bolted faster than i thought posible while i was running i got out my knife slid under the fence and ran home and then i looked behind me and saw a ‘man’ with pale skin standing damn near 10 feet tall when he opened his he let out this horrifying screech and ran harder while saying “nononononono” when i got home i locked the doors and got my sisters dog and stayed in my room the whole day,

for the first time i was afraid, i still go on walks and i always bring my knifes and i always keep one earbud out. i talked about this with a few people like my elders and my sister and my elder said it was and evil witch doctor trying to gain my life force my sister say Wendigo but i’m sure of one thing i never, and I mean NEVER ran so hard in my life.

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