Weird Masked Boy

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This might be a short story but it is very interesting and the weirdest encounter I’ve ever experienced, for now… Anyway, my cousins and I came from school.

Andrew, in the same school as me but one grade lower (because we’re some months apart).

And his brother, Nathan, who is younger than us and a lower grade than us, as well came to my house for a couple hours since, their mom goes to work and picks them up a little later. It was decided that we would actually for the feel of it (for awhile) was to go outside and enjoy the noon sun.

Time passed counting by minutes, didn’t even feel like hours. Me, Andrew, and Nathan were playing in the driveway with my ball that had a name, ‘Sandra’ haha, I guess it’s totally normal to have names for inanimate objects. Lets get on with the story anyway, Nathan kicked the ball to me and it was about to roll to the street so I exclaimed, “I got it!” and my leg tripped on the front side of the ball and to where I was facing, my back leg on the other leg felt weak or something then I fell to the point that I fell hard to the ground.

There I stood, laying on the driveway, fake crying and laughing of humiliation, though I had tears in my eyes, but I didn’t cry.

Andrew said trying not to laugh but not in a serious tone.

“Are you ok?’

“Yes, I’m fine…” I said, with the tone that I wasn’t alright, obiviously but I laughed aside along with both of them.

I was still on floor for some time now until I heard Andrew’s voice say.

“Get up, someone is coming!”

I looked around to see who was coming, until I spotted a boy with a red bike (count the description: He had light brown, golden honey colored hair, a light hoodie, was light-skinned, looked American) he was walking around and up the sidewalk to go to the park. You see, I live in a city, next to a park where there is beautiful scenery and across from the park there is a city yard.

My city is known for asian people (even the city next to mine) that drive recklessly, talk loud in the morning when people are sleeping, and etc.

Well, My family and I see non-asian people out of my neighboorhood often especially this guy I’m talking about.

Let’s get back to this now, the guy probably did see me on the floor but we all pretended to go along with it, and that we weren’t being weird at all, just normal. I got up at a 80-90 degree angle before he passed us he looked back at us.

But it felt like he was looking and kind of staring at me wasn’t creepy though or anything like that I forgot if he had an innocent face, nothing serious or crazy looking (in some cases in people’s stories and their lives in these kinds of situations). He turned away normally, heading his way up to the park. I saw him carrying something, something brownish with black. Some kind of mask.

Time passed by after he walked pass us it was still daylight, so we continued with our activities.

Nathan went in the house for something, me and Andrew saw him have a yellow glass with some liquid it was faucet water. So then, Andrew went in the house and came back outside with a blue cup, and yes, like Nathan it had faucet water in it.

Andrew drank some of it, then all of a sudden a water mouth squirt fight broke out. We were all playing with water, especially holding water in out mouth to try making each other laugh to see who will win. These things we did wre dorky, but we do dumb and funny things all the time so we’re used to it.

Minutes and seconds passed by. I decided to get more water for Andrew and Nathan to continue this entertaining game. But as soon we were walking on in the backyard to the drive way but there was a pathway (we took the pathway) that guy was riding his bike he stopped on the corner riding his bike before he went down the street he dropped something that same thing I saw on the back of his seat on the bike.

he rode in a circle to get the object that he dropped. Right then I knew that he was suspicious, something weird was going on. (WTF was happening here???!!!)

“Wonder what it was..” I thought to myself.

Andrew, Nathan, and I saw (we saw with a curious look) as he picked his item off from the street. He started to put it on his head. I knew that it was a mask, odd enough that it looked like some kind of gasmask, it probably wasn’t though. He went down the street on his bike with the mask on. Thinking what happened was weird… we all went back trying to do what we were palnning to do.

But that guy was on the same corner as he was going up to the park, but he was just waiting there on his bike .

Despite the weirdness we felt, Me, Andrew, and Nathan hid behind a wall, thinking that this guy is super retarded, probably trying to scare us, so we were laughing.

While laughing, trying to spot him if he was still there, we peeked our heads to see a glimpse of him there. No movement, although something was strange of how he was pedalling forward everytime he heard us giggle or so. He was slowly doing something, plotting something, or was he? Confused… just confused… My mom came out of the house and said.

“Who’s that guy? do you know him? does he go to your school?”

“No.” Me and Andrew said.

You see my mom is tough not strict but MAN she is AWESOME, she isn’t afraid to do and stand up in situations, unlike this weird one.

“I’ll beat him up if something further happens, ok?!” said my mom in a serious voice.

My family is cool and they’ll do anything for us, that is a great thing to have so it is really nice to have a person’s back. Isn’t it?!

We all head into the house and my mom was telling my grandparents all about it too even my uncle that was in the garage that was our supervision. Just to keep an eye out. Even my uncle that was watching tv. When we got inside the house in the living room we had spotted the boy on the side of the house (we have tons of trees around my house, STUPID LANDOWNER!) he was on my LAWN! for a couple of minutes then he went the way he originally came from and was heading back to wherever he is now.

Still I don’t know he was to scare us with that stupid ass mask, mental-illness, or whatever, but I DO NOT WANT HIM TO COME BACK EVER or do I? Probably not… most likely….I thought he was kind of cute at first when I saw him but I didn’t expect he’d act like a dumbass weirdo. I thought I saw him again, but I’m not so sure. To this day I still wonder…especially Andrew and Nathan. If you were there the part when I fell was SUPER FUNNY LIKE OMGAW. P.s. Nathan made me fall softly jk I meant slowly, but actually I meant softly. XD




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