Weird humanoid skinwalker

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Hi my name is Logan and I’m here to tell you a story that still haunts me to this day.I remember I was walking to my girlfriends house let’s call her Katy I was walking on on a Navajo Rezervation my dad said it was a bad idea to walk at night but I insisted on going.

As I was walking I heard laughter behind me it wasn’t playful laughter it sound like a laugh that someone with bad intentions would make.I started to speed walk and I glanced behind me there were two dogs they were the size of a grizzly bears and they both had brown matted fur.At the time I knew nothing about skinwalkers because I am white and I have no Navajo blood but anyway I kept speed walking I could see my girlfriends house so I sprinted to her house.when I got to the front door I didn’t knock I hit the door and I screamed hurry up and the door flung open.

My girlfriend said what’s wrong with you I said do you know what the fuck is outside.She looked outside and the dogs were walking toward the house she said get inside Katy’s dad came from down stairs and Katy said dad there are skin walkers outside.Now being me I said there are what outside?Katy told me to hide and her dad grabbed a shotgun and he coated the bullets with white ash.A voice came from the back door and it started to scream “let me in”

this is when I got seriously scared because those were the exact same words that I had said at the front door.

Then a loud scream came from the front door it was so loud that it sounded like it was inches from my face it was a very weird scream it was like a lions growl mixed with a wolfs howl.I realized that these things had trapped us the door started to rattle and then it opened and what I saw was bone chilling.This thing had to be at least 8foot it was grey in skin color and it had long dirty yellow nails black clomped and matted fur.

But it’s face was the creepy part it had jagged teeth to big for its mouth and black eyes it was like space.It had a snout that looked like a dogs but distorted and it was all cut up.

This monster or skin walker thing grabbed me and said”you’re not Navajo so you should be easy prey.”Immediately I freaked out and Katy screamed and her dad swallowed his fear and shot the thing dead in the face the skin walker looked at him and backed away slowly never taking his eyes off of Katy’s dad.

The skin walker that was at the back door then came around to the front door.Katys dad started to say something in Navajo and the skin walkers morphed in front of our eyes into large deer and they took off on their back legs.The door had a busted lock and Katy’s father said “I can’t fix that tonight” and Katy said “what if they come back” he said they most likely will.A couple days later Katy went missing and her dad was out of sorts and he killed himself but I still see Katy outside of my window at night but she never speaks she just watches.

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