weird guy at cousin’s high school

This story didn’t happen to me but to my cousin. she’s in college now but this happened around the time she was i want to say a sophmore. so here goes.

i was walking down the hall to my 3rd class when i heard some people talking and picking on this chad kid. i didn’t love chad but he was a good kid and one of my friends. so as any normal person would do i told them to stop talking about chad like that or i would report them. chad thanked me and i asked if he wanted to go get food after school.

he said yes after school we had a nice talk as we ate and he asked if he could come over the next day.

i told him i would have to talk to my mom and he said ok. sorry if you were expecting something creepy to happen by now. so the next day as i pulled into my driveway i saw CHAD STANDING IN FRONT OF MY DOOR ringing the bell. i was mad but he saw me and came to give me a note and a package. the note said you will forever be my love and in the package was a rose. over the months that we were dating chad did some weird stuff like kiss me after i told him not to and even tried to push me into the basement.

a few months later i broke it off with him slamming my front door in his face. a few days after that i started dating ty. ty was popular and everyone was his friend.

one day ty called me asking me why was chad banging on his front door but with a bunch of swears in there. i told him i would be right over and sure enough chad was trying to break the door. chad was mad when i helped ty but didn’t do anything crazy.  the next week chad didn’t show up to school. i thought this was weird but didn’t care too much. i then learned that chad was in the hospital because he tried to jump off the roof. he was just a creepy guy.

so to chad i hate you and i never want to think about you again

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