Weird creature

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So this happened when I was ten I was suffering from insomnia that night it was in July I can never forget that because on this walk I decided to take what I thought was a shortcut I had been walking for a few minutes getting the sensation I was being watched and it turned out my friend had heard me and decided to scare me I screamed of corse who wouldn’t we laughed it off and he showed me a gun he stole from his father now I was worried that he didn’t know how to use it let’s call him Phil

now Phil was the cockiest person I knew but he did have his way with words so we decided to catch up a bit and keep walking we should have kept our eyes on the path,

maybe it would have kept us on track but five minutes later we realize were lost so we were going to turn back when he had to take a leak I whent off to do my business also taking the opportunity in the middle of my leak I hear a rustling I just thought my friend was throwing stones to creep me out so I ignored it then I noticed the smell of something foul I should have taken that sign and run but me being only a kid I thought something died it wasn’t until I heard the inhuman growl I realized he wasn’t fucking with me,

I was so scared, I just froze and I shut my eyes tightly, because I can’t do creepy stuff and this was freaking me the fuck out and it hit at me like a person playing with its food my friend must have realized something was wrong or wanted to scare me again because I opened my eyes and saw him in a bush drawing the gun giving me a motion to stay quiet and he was shaking it took a lot to scare him but I could see he was ready to piss himself, I don’t remember what I did but I must have ticked the thing off because I just remember a thud and the foul stench and seeing eyes darker than jet black it had pale skin and it’s mouth had sharp fangs, it was so thin I was amazed it was even alive or even standing, then there’s ringing in my ears and the thing runs off,

we ran so fast it took forever to finally come to a stop I asked him what happened when we reached his yard, he told me he pulled off a few shots right next to my ear which is why there’s ringing still to this day, but I never forgot that hideous thing if Phil wasn’t there I probably would have been whatever it was next victim and based on stories and research online I believe it was a skinwalker but I’m not sure I know there’s gaps in the story

I don’t remember everything that happened I just fully remember the wood the creature and my friend popping off shots the rest was filled in by my friend but I’m not fully sure what all happened that night but I know it scared the shit out of me and made my insomnia worsen with fear and every time I slept I remember that thing looking like a human yet so far from it even today I stay away from large wooded areas unless I’m with more than two people any less and I refuse afraid I’ll see it again if anyone can give me inside of what it was or could be I’d be grateful

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