Weird Chic-Fil-A Creep

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Hello, Darkness, this is my first submission, so I do hope it goes well. In addition, please forgive me if I mess up at any time, thank you.

One day, when I was 10 and in the 5th grade, after school one day we decided to go to Chic-Fil-A for dinner. It was about a 15 minute drive from my school to the Chic-Fil-A, and it was about 5:00 then, in December, so the night sky was already setting in due to Daylight Savings, and it was a cool shade of blackish-blue outside, the temperature pretty low.

We pulled into the parking lot, and a black sedan followed us into the parking lot.

Now this didn’t phase me, because the Chic-Fil-A was in a suburban-urban area, and there was a decent amount of cars around us. When me and family went inside, the person follow us. I saw them out of my peripheral vision, and turned to see who they were.

The person I saw was wearing black cargo pants, a black hoodie, black Timberland boots, a black shemagh around their neck, black aviators, and a black flat-bill hat. The only odd part about this was that their skin was extremely pale.

Not just pale, I mean almost completely white.

The clothes didn’t bother me, because I have always liked wearing black, but that skin on his hand, that awful skin, it was, smooth, no hair. I looked up at them, and the mouth gave me a jagged-tooth grin, and said, “Hellooooo….”, very weakly, and their mouth was twitching, and the words almost sounded like they didn’t fit.

If you’ve ever had an experience with a person on sleeping pills that doesn’t go to sleep right away, that was how it sounded like, but more higher-pitch and weak, as I said. I turned around and walked up to my sister, and said, “Look at him”, really quietly.

She told me not to stare because it was rude, and all I said was, “Screw you.”, and then we stepped our place up in line and got our food.

On my way to the table after we had ordered, I looked over, and the person wasn’t there. (Keep in mind I couldn’t tell the gender at the time). When we sat down at our table with the food, I noticed the person sitting at a 2-seat table, staring at me.

I stared at them back, but they never looked away awkwardly, like any person would.

This person was screaming “Lifetime movie stalker”, and then they did something confusing, they stood up, and walked over to us. My dad looked up at him from his spot, and said, “Yes, what do you want?”. The person looked at me and said, “I like your son’s shirt, sir. Hey, boy, stay safe. Tonight is dark, and cold, and you wouldn’t want to get lost now.”

My dad gave him a dead stare, and the walked off, through the front door.

My mom stood up and looked through the window, as did I, and he got into his car, and drove out of the parking lot, and down the road. When we left, we kept a good look out behind and around us, but the car never showed up near us. We got home safe, and for the next few days, I had nightmares of his skin moving and crawling.

I never told my family about what my personal experience with him was, and I plan not to. Needless to say, that was a night I will never forget.


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