We called it Jeffy

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Look I apologize for poor grammar in advance but well… I’ve been looking for someone to share this with for awhile. Im also typing this on my phone so again I apologize.

It was 2008 right around May I think. Me my friend “Sam” as well as “Kyle”,”Doug”, and “Fat Kyle”. We were all hanging out at Sam’s house we were all 14 give or take. Well at some point it started getting dark and well the spooky stories started.So after awhile I think it was Doug who said.

“Hey Sam what about that thing you and Kyle saw a few years ago?”

Now at this time I had known Sam for just about two years. I knew him very well but he had never spoken about anything paranormal before, Usually he would change the subject very quickly. At this point Kyle excused himself and walked away visibly pale. When fat Kyle said.

“Yeah that’s right! You guys didn’t even go home that night you came to my house.”

Sam was nervous as he looked around and tried to change the subject. However we were teenage boys who wanted dirt so he caved. According to him, he and Kyle were on their way home from our friend Taylor’s house. When they reached the bottom of the hill on that particular street they saw something. I don’t recall what time of year he said it was but he said it was foggy and had gotten very dark very quickly.

Then he said.

“There it was crawling right across the street no noise no dramatic music nothing.”

“It had long stringy black hair, pale white skin, and it walked like it’s bones had been broken, it was unnatural.”

“Then it stood up looked at us and with one of its long blade like fingers it waved it’s finger, back and forth like it caught us stealing a cookie or somethin’ then it shooshed us. Like it wanted us to keep quiet about.”

“After that it dropped back on all fours and crawled into the woods.”

After that he said they ran to Fat Kyle’s house. And spent the night there. The only way back to their houses was through dense woods or a few miles to the main road. Well when they woke up, Fat Kyle’s step dad over heard them retelling the events from the previous night. And to their shock and dismay he said.

“Oh you guys saw Jeffy huh?”

He went on to tell them every morning when he gets up for work. He sees “Jeffy” in the woods behind the house while making his coffee.

So from then on when ever I told the story. I simply called it “Jeff/Jeffy” it wasn’t until 2013 that I found out that people all over had seen the cursed thing… That was when I started peacing it all together. Multiple people I talked to in the neighborhood as well as a couple people in town said they had seen something weird.  One even telling the exact tale word for word even in the same spot. I also saw something that chills me to the core to this  very day.

In the summer of that year I was exploring when I decided I wanted to see if the drain under our street connected to the other side and If you could Hide something down there. (I was 14 and lived in the north Georgia mountains.) Well I was too chicken to do it alone so I talked Sam into going with me. We grabbed a flash light and two walkie talkies and we walked to the bottom of the hill. We both climbed down and I somehow convinced Sam to go first. Now I honestly expected us to shine the flash light and just see the end of the tunnel or a log blocking it or something. After all this was a small one lane road. Well he headed in and I stood at the entrance. After getting our fill over breaker “breaker one 9’s” and “copy that over” it started to get weird. He started crawling awhile ago and now I couldn’t see him and could barley hear him except for the walky talkie. He was getting scared so I headed in. Well I reached him after awhile of crawling but I couldn’t really make out the exit any more and we both couldn’t see the other side still. We kept crawling and were very concerned because the road wasn’t that wide why aren’t we reaching the other side? Well at this moment we started to see the bones. Not a lot mind you just a few scattered here and there small ones too. But then my blood ran cold as I saw theese large gashes deep cuts gouged into the steel drain pipe four long slashes on each one. At first I told my self they must be from when the pipe was installed it must have gotten banged up. No the cuts were from the inside out. Ok maybe a bear? No what bear has claws that big let alone can cut through STEEL. I told Sam, we screamed like little girls, and we ran out as fast as we could. To this day I still try to think of an explanation for those slashes and why that tunel was so long.

Well anyway that’s the story I hope you guys like it and share it. I have more details if you want real names incase you want to follow up and the actual locations. This wasn’t the only creepy thing that happened in Georgia but I didn’t see anything about you guys looking for demonic stories.

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Wow, that’s crazy man! What city/town? I also live in N. GA. I would also love to hear your other stories!