Was it a Wendigo?

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It’s a story that has happened to me a couple years ago, while hunting.

I live in Canada, on the South Shore of Montreal, but I like to go hiking in the region called “the Laurentides”. The forests are beautiful and there are tons of trails you can follow. But I am an adventurous one and I don’t follow them very often.

One day, in late october, we had snow, which is not uncommon, but still not common enough to make us all a bit surprised. I had the not so brilliant idea to go hunting, so I picked my bow, my hunting knife and my quiver and went into the forest.

After a few hours, I came to a small clearing that I knew quite well, and I decided to stop to drink a bit of water. Then, from the other side of the clearing, I saw the head of a deer. That’s what I thought at firsf, but I realized it was way too tall to be one, so maybe a moose. So silently, I drew an arrow and positioned myself. It was a beautiful animal, white as snow. I had never seen such a pale buck in my whole life and was amazed at the beauty of it.

But then, something in the atmosphere changed. Slightly. The wind changed direction. There was no other sound that that of the leaves. The moose turned slowly, in a deranged way, like it’s neck was cracking to do so, in my direction and we had an eye contact.

I have been a hunter for over a decade now. I have felt something there that I hve felt only a very few times, which was when I came face to face with a bear and when I was surprised by a cougar in one expedition outside of the province of Quebec. The feeling of dread, shiver rolling down slowly down my spine, cold sweat, a primordial feeling, ingrained in our human DNA. The feeling all hunters recognize when you no longer are the hunter, you are the prey…

I did not move for what seemed like an eternity, and so did the thing. I started slowly backing off, I knew my bow wouldn’t cut it if I actually had to fight that thing. Step after step, always so slowly, I backed off, until that…thing, rose on it’s two back legs. There was no hoofs on the front legs either. More like claws. And it was emancipated, like malnourished.

I remember running. I am a good runner, and exceptionally agile in the woods, so naturally, something so massive would have difficulties coming after me in this dense forest.

Boy was I mistaken.

It gained ground way too quickly for my taste, so I did what I could. I jumped in a mud puddle and stopped moving. That thing ran past me. I waited there for I don’t remember how long, then I made a run for it to my cabin.

It was the first time in my life I actually feared for my life. I am an amateur boxer, an intrepid hunter and an ex security agent that has seen it’s fair share of danger. And yet, nothing even came close to this thing.

I was hoping someone could give me an explanation about this thing. I digged up a little and the only thing I found was the Wendigo, but, it’s a legend right? What I saw was way too real…

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