Wandering Alone

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I was born and raised in Alaska, lived there for 21 years. My family and I took a trip up to our cabin in Central as it was my last chance to enjoy nature before I left to join the Navy.

It was a nice and quiet location; secluded and no cell service, the perfect get away. We took a ride one day with our ATVs up to our favorite hiking location and stopped at a few of the abandoned miner’s houses along the way.

One of these stops we took an exceptionally long time to look around and show some of my family members the nearby rusting equipment.

Some of my family is from Texas and have never seen such things before so while they were taking the thousands of photos that they usually did I decided to walk off and do a little exploring of my own through the woods.

I don’t know how long I had been wandering for but by the time I broke out of the trees and found a trail I noticed that it had gotten eerily quiet.

Thinking nothing of it, that there must just be a black bear or something near by I clutched my knife and proceeded cautiously still.

I rounded the bend in the trail and what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks and drop the knife.

A large black wolf had emerged from the woods around us about a few yards from me. I stood still and my breath caught in my throat.

It was skinny, starving looking, and its fur was mangy and made the thing just…creepy, nothing like how the normal wolves in the area would look.

It proceeded to cross the trail and almost back into the woods when I heard my Dad calling out my name. This made the wolf stop and look around, I think it was about to run away if it hadn’t looked straight at me, locking eyes and keeping me in place. Had I been standing next to him I’m sure his head would be level with mine at 5’6″, but those yellow orbs seemed to make him tower over me even more.

My fight or flight took over and I bet down to grab my knife before taking an immediate right into the woods.

I ran like hell until I broke through the treeline where my family was. Once they saw me they made jokes about how I was paler than a ghost and needed to spend more time out in the Midnight Sun.

I would have laughed along with me had I not felt like something was watching me. I hopped on my ATV and took my place in the back of our small formation taking one last look to where I had run from.

The wolf stood there again, its yellow eyes locking with mine one last time before it turned, and left. I didn’t tell my family about this experience until we were back at our cabin, drinking and telling jokes around the fire and hot tub.

My sister exclaimed how mad and jealous she was that she did not get a photo of the wolf. I laughed along with her and admitted I was mad at myself for not taking a picture of it, but I guess you don’t really know what to do until you are in a certain situation.

My advice; don’t go wandering alone.

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