Vampire in the forest.

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Firstly I would like to say that I love your videos and I’m looking forward to see more of them , until than here is my story:

Hello , as to give a little background to this story I am currently 19 , and I live in North-East Romania .

This story happened when I was 17 . As the summer break started , me and my girlfriend(I will call her Agatha for privacy reasons) at that time decided to take a tour of the East Carpathians. We decided to take the train to Brasov.

Once we reached this city  Agatha and I agreed to visit the famous Bran Castle(the one in the picture I added), the Castle where Dracula supposedly lived.

We arrived there at 11A.M. The tour was not out of the usual, the guide showed us our way through each and every room , beautifully decorated, while telling us the history of the castle.  The tour finished at around 7 P.M when we decided to walk around the town.

The red light of dusk set upon every nook and cranny of the city by 10 PM. We decided to go to a local bar in order to grab a beer.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened while at the bar, but when we left it was already pitch black outside and we had to walk around 4 miles to our hostel.

Agatha proposed to take the shortcut through the forest in order to shorten that walk by half, to which I was vary hesitant, but in the end I agreed as I thought nothing could go wrong.

We reached the treeline when a feeling of being watched settled upon me. I told Agatha about how I disliked the idea of venturing through the forest at night in an unknown area ( I was always the rational one ) but she mocked me and started running through the trees . I started running after her jumping over the roots of the trees and eventual stumps. While I was running I fixated my sight upon my girlfriend running and laughing way ahead of me.

Suddenly I tripped over a root and planted my face into the ground. As I stood back up and shook my head I noticed my girlfriend was no-were to be seen. ‘She must have ran ahead” I said to myself…

Right as I was finishing my thought I was surprised by the sound of crushed leaves and footsteps to my left. I quickly took my lighter and lit it only wanting to get a glimpse of what could be out in the dark but I could see nothing.

I continued going ahead of me as I had no clue where I came from or where I was heading. Being summer the dense canopy engulfed the surroundings in endless darkness scarcely pierced by the dim light of the moon when the wind shook the trees strong enough to create an opening.

As I was rapidly walking through the forest, towards where I thought my girlfriend had ran to, I heard that sound of footsteps over leaves again..

“Is anyone there?” I said in a shaky voice

As I was staying there looking around trying to pierce through the darkness I saw it, two red ayes staring at me from the branches. As I looked at them for what seemed to be an eternity they vanished, and what happened next I will never forget.

I felt a cold touch on my back , right over my backbone. I swiftly turned around but nothing was there. As I stood there, petrified , I could hear a laughter from all around. At that moment I had no Idea what to do next. I started to run back to where I thought the treeline was only to feel tackled to the ground by a strong force.

“You can not run” a voice whispered in my ear

I let out the most terrified scream I could have ever done.

Than I could not feel the thing pressing me to the ground anymore. “It is playing with me” I thought while I slowly got up.

I heard footsteps to my left and than I saw it: It was a humanoid creature , it was about 7 feet tall , it’s head had the shape of a bat : Long ears with patches of fur, a snout , and fangs long enough that could pierce through metal and that dreadful red eyes, its hands where long and thin ending in long, sharp claws.

At that moment I got up at ran as fast as I could. I could hear above me what I can only compare to the sounds a bird’s wing makes while flying, but I did not dare look above me , or behind me. At that moment I thought I was doomed, than I saw it, light.

As I ran towards it I could see there were locals holding flashlights. As they saw me they pointed the light at me.

“What are you doing here up at night?, it is dangerous in these woods.” one of the men told me

“I-i-i ” I stuttered .

“What the fuck is that ?!” screamed one of them while pointing their flashlight into the woods only to see the piercing red eyes of the creature.

As we left I explained all that happened to the locals and John, the oldest one told me that I had an encounter with what they call a vampire and that I’m lucky to live to tell it.

As for my girlfriend she was waiting for me at our hostel , dead scared. We decided to go to sleep after I’ve told her what happened.

Needless to say none of us slept for the following night.

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