my valentines day horror story

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Hello. This story happened to me a year ago. On My birthday, which is the same day as Valentines day.

I live in a small village near a bigger town, where everyone knows each other and almost no crimes happen here, maybe a small robbery but that’s it.

So it was 14th February, my birthday, and I was hanging out with my 2 best friends. I’ll call them Kate and Peter for this story.

I was turning 13 that year. So that made me the oldest out of us. We were watching horror movies, eating popcorn and just enjoying our time. You see, the room we were in, is sort of under ground, but the windows are still out, so you can see what’s happening outside. It was already very dar out, since it was about 17:30 (Europian time).

My parents weren’t home, so I thought, what if we took some shots, it was my birthday after all. Peter wasn’t in the mood, so it was just me and Kate. We felt so cool now. I don’t remember how many shots we took, but I was already feeling kind of weird amd we decided to stop. We were only kids after all.

A while later, the time was about 19:46, weird stuff started to happen. First, there was knocking on the windows. And we were sitting back faced against them, so it was annoying to turn around everytime. I thought it was my gramdmas cat messing with something outside, but I didn’t see him.

A while later, the knocking stopped. We didn’t think much of it, since the house is near a forest, at this time it could be some animal.

After a bit more drinking, the knocking resumed. Now it was loud. We were a little scared now. Kate suggested that we go investigate it. “Are you crazy?” Peter said.” It could be a killer.”

,,Haha, you’re such a pussy,” Kate replied. I was scared too. ,,Maybe we shouldn’t go. It’s probably just an animal.” I said amd we continiued watching horror movies.

For a while nothing else happened beside the knocking. I don’t remember what I was doing, but I looked back at the window and I saw what I still remember today. It was a man. Looking down the window. He would have to be laying on the ground to see inside. And it looked as if he was doing just that. I looked back at him and I screamed. He just continiued looking at us like I haven’t noticed him staring.

I was so scared, but Kate and Peter seemed so calm. Kate asked me quietly: ,, Is the door locked?” I said: ,,I…  don’t know.”  There are three doors in this house. And I had to go lock them all. I told Kate to call my parents and ask them what to do.

We didn’t know what to do. The man just kept looking. At one point we even thought he was dead, but his sudden eye movements were a confirmation that he’s still alive.

My parents said that they are on their way home. My father told me to take his gun for safety.I am not a profesional shooter, but Peter is better than me, so I gave him the gun and we sat in the sofa together watching and waiting.

My parents are about a 20 minute ride away from out house. It was after 10 minutes, when we realised that the man was gone. He was no longer laying down and peeking inside. No we were bayond terrified. I called my dad and he told us that they will be home soon and that he called the police.

About 2 minutes later we started to hear sounds from upstairs. What happened at that moment is a blur, but I remember Kate starting sobbing, and Peter was just holding the gun so tight.

It sounded like he was walkin with metal boots, because we could hear his every step. He just walked aboud the house. I trued to tell myself that we will be fine and that my dad will be here soon. But one side of my brain kept telling me that this man was dangerous and that he was gonna kill us.

Then we heard police cars pulling up and we were so relieved. Th man, who was till one floor above us, sounded like he was running. I know my house very well, and I could tell by the sound and location that he was entering the kitchen which is right above us.

One police man entered our room and took us outside. Not long after, we saw the man. They found him hiding behind the kitchen counter. He looked very poor and sick. His hair was long and grey. He looked about 60 years old. We still don’t know what he wanted from us.

Me and my friends still remember this event and we never stay home alone at my house without locking the door or when no one is home.

Thank you for reading this. (I’m sorry if my grammar was horrible, but I tried 🙂

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