Vale end encounter

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I live in central New Hampshire.  About ten years ago I met my, now husband. When we were first dating, we went fishing a lot.

One evening he said “hey, let’s go fishing for horn-pout, I know just the spot.” Horn-pout are a night dwelling fish similar to catfish.

I said yes and we quickly gathered out gear and headed out. We drove for about 40 mins south to a small town in southern New Hampshire called Wilton.

My husband directed me onto a one lane dirt road. It was very dark on the road. There were no street lights and no houses around.

We finally made it to the body of water he wanted to fish at, so we disembarked from my truck and headed on the path that goes around the lake fishing gear in tow.

After perhaps five minutes of walking in absolute darkness we made it to a clear spot and started baiting our lures and fidgeting with the glow in the dark bobbers.

Suddenly there was a large sounding crash in the woods around us. It sounded like a large branch breaking, or a very large wild animal was carelessly thrashing about.

We both jumped up and started shining our flashlights in that direction.

We heard another fainter cracking sound come from a different direction.  The woods were silent. No crickets. No other night creatures rustling around. Just the cracking and crashing sounds

We wispered to each other trying to figure out what was making that sound as we frantically shown our light around.

We were hoping to see eyes reflecting back at us but we saw nothing. We wondered if it were an injured moose or bear. We listened for footfalls, whimpers and yips from coyotes but we heard nothing.

Another loud cracking sound came from our left.  Followed by a fainter one to the right.  There was no wind. No grunting of large animals.

We listened in the painful silence and came to the conclusion that whatever was out there was not an animal because there were no other sounds to denote footfalls or breathing.

The crashing sound was coming from all over at different intervals and at different distances.

We both shown our lights in the direction of the last crash from the left, as we looked and listened another even louder, closer cracking came from the direction our lights were pointed.

We got out of there. My husband is experienced in the woods and has never seen or heard anything like that.

Fast foreward a few years and I finally graduated into the age of technology and got my first internet capable phone.

I was researching some local ghost legends and came across The Blue Lady of Wilton whose headstone rests in The Vale End Cemetery.

In one paranormal investigation I read, the investigators found a body of water behind the cemetery beyond a small stretch of woods where they found more activity than the cemetery itself.

I told this to my husband and showed him the picture of the apparition over the head stone.

he said “yeah, that’s the reservoir where we went fishing that one night.”

As soon as the words left his lips the memory of that night came flooding back and we both got chills.

A few months ago, I told this story to an online community, and someone pointed out that it could have been a puckwudgie encounter.

I don’t know what we encountered that night. Whatever it was, really spooked the both of us.

I do believe in the paranormal. I did not know how close to the cemetery we were that night.



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