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To start things off, I’m a local filmmaker in my area. I like to make short found footage horror films. It sounds dumb, but this is important info to know going into the story. I normally film at abandoned buildings because I love the atmosphere and the look of them but and one time a couple years ago, I stumbled upon something that made me almost stop exploring abandoned places altogether.

For context, I live in Pennsylvania and there’s a really popular abandoned location called The Ruins near Allentown. I really have no idea what it could have possibly been, but nowadays it’s a bunch of concrete buildings, tunnels, and walls, all decayed and crumbling. It’s actually a really beautiful place.

This place has a few different locations. I was exploring it with two other friends while location scouting for one of my films. I separated from them in an effort to try and get the feel of a character from the movie and find the most unnerving spot. They went toward the main buildings, and I walked more into the forest. On our way in I noticed a structure off the path that I never saw before. After walking through the overgrowth and bushes and shit to find it, I finally stumble upon this building with a huge hole through it. To get a sense of what I’m looking at, Imagine a concrete square, but with no front or back walls, so it’s got a roof and two side walls. Crumbling buildings are usually a common sight at The Ruins, but what really freaked me out is the fact that there were a bunch of small, dug up holes in the dirt on what should have been the floor to the building, almost as if they were little graves.

There had to be at least 8 small holes there and they all had markings, like little crosses or wooden symbols sticking out of the ground next to them. I have no idea what they were being used for, but I never saw anything like it. I was worried that whoever dug them was going to come back to bury what they intended on burying, so I left as soon as I realized what was going on. I met up with my friends and I didn’t mention what I saw to them. I don’t know if I was too scared by it or if I just didn’t want to freak them out. Still thinking about what I saw just makes me feel uncomfortable.

The funny thing is that I’ve gone back there countless times and I’ve never been able to find that building, or the “graves” again. Nothing that even looks remotely similar to it. I don’t know what I stumbled upon that day, and I really don’t know if I want to find out.

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