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My name is Alex I am 15 and i’m a girl I live with my mom and my dog Meco. My mom traveled down to Florida to visit my grandma. So my mom made me stay with my dad. He lives in Ohio so it was a normal day and I was playing my PS4.

When my dad said “go to the shed and get me the hatchet”. So I did not think much of it so I walked out there and turned the shed light on. And I was looking for the hatchet when the shed light turned off and the shed door closed.

I did not know what to think I was thinking it was my dad your something else.

So I did not say anything

and I heard a noise. BANG it sounded like something was dropped it was the hatchet I sprinted to the door and slid it open and ran out.

I grabbed the hatchet on my out and closed the door and ran to my dad I handed him the hatchet and walked inside. I grabbed my phone and checked my Instagram I did not try to think about it so I just look through my feed. Then I got a message by Unknown it said “your scared easily Alex” my hart groped and I sent a message back saying “who are you”. He said “my name is Jason” I did not text back that night and I went to bed I woke up and went to school and all that then I got home.

I get home at 4:00 but my dad gets home at 6:00 I was laying on my couch on my phone.

Then I got a message from Jason

It was a image of my house. Called the cops when I heard a window brake I ran into my dad’s room and hide under the bed and I texted my neighbor, Mike, he was one of my dad’s friends. I said “ MIKE THERE IS SOME CREEPY GUY IN MY HOUSE” 3 minutes later Mike texted back he said, “Where do you the guy is”? I texted him back saying “Downstairs”

My room and my dad’s room was upstairs Mike said “ Alex… ALEX… Alex answer me”. “your easily scared Alex”.

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