Unexpected Party

By Brilliant Reyes

This story was way back when I was 7 years old. I was in Philippines, in the city of Davao. It was great because I was in my province. I was having a good time with my cousins and all. But, all experiences wasn’t happy. My auntie and uncle like to throw parties a lot so we throw parties every sunday.

The whole month was full of those crazy parties but it stopped after that. My uncle got heat stroke. I knew it was hard for him coping to that sickness but still, we support him. After 2 months, my uncle died. Which made it very hard for my auntie. She stopped throwing parties after uncle died. Those crazy noisy parties stopped.

At least what I thought it did. After a few weeks my uncle died, my friend Buboy told me something that got me confused.

He said,”What a crazy party you had last night!”. I replyed,”Wait, what?”. “The party you had last night! Oh btw, I took a picture of it.” He answered.

After, he showed me a clear picture of our terrace with random people in it. As I observed, It felt weird. My friend asked me what was wrong. What I noticed was so weird. Because, from what I saw, I saw nothing but strangers on our terrace.

I did not saw anyone I knew. Not even my auntie nor my mom and dad. As a 7 year old, I quickly got scared. I ran to my auntie and asked if she threw a party last night.

She answered me with a strange and confused look. She shook her head in response of a NO. I quickly ran to Buboy and asked what time he took the picture. He said it was around 3 in the morning. I felt a chill run down my spine as I memorize the death time of my uncle.

My uncle died 3:42 A.M in the morning.

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