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I want to start off saying that I’ve had many experiences in my life but this one is by far one of my top three strangest things ever. Some background into my story. I was 13 years old at the time and home alone. My grandmother was a Tupperware lady and had a demonstration she was going to do.

Around this time is when computers became more of a household thing and the internet was really becoming popular. It was good old dial up, which was always fun. Anyways a friend of mine was supposed to come over but for some reason that I can’t remember she couldn’t. I was used to being alone for a few hours at night so it was no big deal at first.

I was minding my own business playing on the computer, talking on AIM when suddenly I heard the TV in the living turn on. I was in my bedroom at the time and found this to be very odd since I was home alone. I walked out of my room and into the living room. Sure enough the TV was on. I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned it off. Then I heard another TV go on, in my bedroom.

I quickly made my way to my room and turned my TV off. Then the living room TV went on again. At this point I was freaking out. I ran and turned off the living room TV when once again the one in my room went on. I was crying because I was so freaked out. I ran into my room and turned off the TV. Then a third and final time the living room TV turned on.

I went back in there and as I turned it off I begged whoever it was to please stop messing with me. I was crying terribly. The turning on of the TVs finally stopped. I somehow was able to call my friend and begged her to try to come over. I was hysterical crying and I couldn’t explain why. She was able to convince her mom to let her come over and she stayed with me till my grandmother finally got home.

After that night every time I was left alone I always tried to have a friend over, or tried to be on the phone with a friend, or even went to a friend’s house. I was purely terrified to ever be left alone. And to this day I still feel uneasy being left alone and I’m almost 30. And in today’s day and age with all these electronics that everyone has it truly makes me feel uneasy to be home alone.

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