True GameStop Horror Story

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I hope this story gets to be uploaded on a channel, to get the word out that can literally happen to anyone.

The picture in this story, is actually the GameStop that I currently working at. By the time of this, it happened last night (Saturday).

I got called in to work from 5- 10 P.M. I decided to take it, being a gamer, and that means more money. So I went in, and did my five hours. It came time to restock games, merch, and accessories.

I was with two others. One of my managers, who I developed a friendship with, and another co-worker, who I have gotten close too.

We’ll call my manager Felix, and my co-worker Bryce.

Bryce and I we’re vaccuming, and putting this on the shelves, and walls. Felix was counting the money in the register.

Everything was quiet, and going well. Until the phone rings. We thought it was a customer. And since we closed at nine, and it being about 9:30- 9:45, we didn’t answer it. It takes about an hour, or two to clean up and everything.

But they called immediatly back. Felix answered; “Hi, thank you for calling GameStop. How can I help you?” Bryce and I stopped what we were doing to listen to whatever is going on. The look on Felix’s face, kinda shook me.

Out of the silence, all he said was “Yea, I’ll let my employees know, and we’ll talk about it”

Both Bryce and I asked him what’s going on. What Felix told us was kind of scary, but it didn’t make sense.

Felix said “There is someone calling every GameStop in this area threatening to rob one. He said he was targetting this one. We don’t know if it’s a joke, or not. But we need to lock the backdoor, and be careful. Doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or not, we shouldn’t take any chances.”

Felix told Bryce and I to go into the backroom, and make the huge metal alarm door was locked, and shut all the way.

As he was saying this, the phone starts to ring. Felix answers it, with the thought it could be the same person he was talking to before. As he answered, there was no one on the other end. Absolute silence. After Felix hung up, they called right after, like not even a second later. Felix picked up, and greeted them with “Thank you for calling GameStop” and it was the same. Silence. Felix hung up, and they called back. Again, Felix picked up and greeted them. But this time, it was just heavy breathing.

This happened two more times.

It got to the point that Bryce took the phone, and kept pressing the “END” button.

Whoever they are, they had their number shown on our phone. After calling and kept getting rejected, they stopped.

Everything started to die down, so Bryce and I was going to take out the trash in the back. As we were about to put the key in to unlock this huge metal alarm door, so the alarm won’t sound, the phone started to ring again.

Bryce looked at me in pure fear. He and I didn’t know what to do, nor think. Since Felix was on the floor, and we were in the backroom, we didn’t know if he picked up, rejected, or whoever was calling stopped calling. So Bryce and I ran out the backdoor, and threw the stuff away and ran back inside.

Don’t get mad at me, it was Bryce’s idea. Plus, he’s the one that ran outside. I was just holding the door.

We make our way back from the backroom, and back into the floor where Felix is.

As we were walking to Felix, and tells us to lock everything down, and turn off the lights.

We were basically in lockdown for about 30 minutes. And about this time, it was about 10:10- 10:20.

We get another call. Felix picks up, with just a “Hello?”. And on the other end was the main manager of our GameStop. We’ll call him Cody.

Cody goes and says that he got the police involved, and they got the guy. Cody goes and mocks whoever this guy is, and says “He was stupid enough to use his real phone number. He didn’t even attempt to restrict it in time. Because apparently he called our store, and a few others with a restriced number.

His name was never revealed, but apparently… he was really.. going to rob our GameStop. I’m so glad no one was hurt, or no GameStops were robbed, and just saying ours as a distraction.

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