truck horror story

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my father 37 years old at the time of the story, I was 3 years old. my parents divorced when I was 1.anyway, my dad, at the time was working as a truck driver in Iowa when he got a call from his truck company to pick up a shipping container at a farm.

so he drove out to the farm to pick it up. there were 3 cars of secret service agents. he picked up the container and the cars followed him. and needed to go to a military base out in Nevada.

he could only stop for fuel and bathroom breaks. when he was going through the states multiple times, he couldn’t stop my weight stations, and police cars tried to pull him over, the secret service cars pulled the cops cars over.

and then a couple more service cars pulled behind him, once he got to the base, he had to get out of the truck, and watch them drive the truck into a dirt hole, and buried the truck alive, he managed to snap a photo.

he doesn’t know what was inside the truck. and he doesn’t want to know. I am now 15, and this story scares the shit out of me

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