Troll Encounter

Hello my name is Sander and i live in Norway, Selbustrand not a big place. not a scary place, Except the forest in our Backyard its not big but long we hear alot of storys of trolls around our neighbourhood but i thought it was just to scare the kids, but something still made me curious.

everynight i watch the forest and i always have a bad feeling when i see it. It always gives me the chills when i watch it.

One time in the winter i was brave enough to go outside by the forest. I knew it was a bad idea and i shouldn’t have done it but i did it anyways. as i was walking i heard strange noises by the trees but i thought it was just birds, i was wrong the noise just came closer for every step i took. i got scared i ran home like the pussy i am. when i was browsing the internet i randomly heard knocking on the windows.

I jumped out of the chair i was so in shock, it was to dark to see outside so i had to investige the next day. The day after i had no sleep after what happended that night, so i was outside checking by the window, there were no footprints anywhere only snow everywhere. i was wondering was it the tree knocking?

it couldnt there was no wind yesterday. next night i grabbed my Sniper Rifle and walked back to the forest, i was scared my heart was beating so fast i even started to sweat. i was thinking to myself What the Fuck could be out here?

as i heard noises i started running back, but it was too late behind me i saw somthing big, first of all i thought it was a Deformed-Bigfoot because of the hairy look. i started pointing my Sniper Rifle at it, all it did was just standed there i started running faster and faster. When i saw this thing i knew it had to be a Troll because thats what Norway is popular for, but i only thought they were a Myth.

as i came to my house the Troll made a really horrible scream i can never forget, it still haunts my dreams to this day, im glad i havent seen this Creature yet.

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