TRAGIC Creepypasta | A Walk I Can’t Forget

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Don’t Cry – This partially true story is a tragedy and a horror story.

Scary Stories and Creepypasta always try to make you feel, right? Well, here is a rarer partially true story of a tragedy, of a disturbing event from one man’s childhood involving a monster and his brother that will bring you to tears. This is no try not to cry challenge, but it might as well be. Can you endure this tragic ghost story Creepypasta without shedding a tear? Have you endured your own loss? There are insights to depression in this chilling tale. Sometimes the real ghosts are the ones that haunt our minds and souls forever. Subscribers, I present to you this depressing, sad, horror story. It’s a walk to remember. A walk I can’t forget.

A Walk I Can’t Forget a Disturbing Sad Reddit Nosleep Creepypasta that will make you cry by Darkness Prevails of the reddit nosleep community. Read this story here –

A Walk I Can’t Forget from nosleep

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Tragedy Scary Creepypasta Story from Reddit Nosleep and Written by Brenden Dean. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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The sound effects and music are used under the Creative Commons Attribution License:

Wind Sound Effect titled “Vent” created by Glaneur de sons and found here –
Storm Sound Effect Titled “Thunder” created by inchadney and found here –
Stream Sound Effect Titled “Rocky Stream” created by unfa and found here –



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