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This is going to be short, but it’s a warning to everyone visiting Florida. In any body of water, at any given time there’s a strong possibility you’re being watched by a terrifying creature.

Gators are everywhere here, the quicker you learn that the better. Now my whole family is from Boston but we moved down here when I was a baby so I’m a Floridian for sure. However my moms side of the family is Boston born.

Anyways they came down here on vacation a couple of months ago. My uncle, stopped at one of the nearby parks so my two nieces about 10 and 7 could play. Near this park is a lake. Right before they left the park to meet us for dinner decided to take a picture by the lake.

He had his two daughters, his wife and even they’re tiny dog right by the edge of the water. Luckily they took the picture and everything turned out fine. Until they posted it on Facebook, they found something terrifying in the background.

About 3 gators, could be seen in separate parts of the picture. There’s signs posted everywhere near the lake, saying gators are in the water. They didn’t see them.

One gator was tiny, sitting on the bank hidden by the grass. Another one was floating a bit further in the lake, but this last one was the most horrifying. The one nearest them had his eyes locked on them. And judging by the eyes Peeking up from the water, and the tail right behind him this gator was about 6 foot….please tourist. Be aware of the signs.

Sadly I don’t have the picture my uncle removed it from Facebook and deleted it because he didn’t want anyone knowing he put his family in danger. He’s very prideful. Lesson learned. Luckily no one got hurt…this time.

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