Top 5 SCARY Pokemon Creepypasta

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming, so here are my top 5 scary pokemon creepypasta.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pokemon. I play pokemon go and I can’t wait for pokemon sun and moon! But that doesn’t mean the in game pokemon world isn’t a horror story in and of itself. The pokemon games are filled with subtle hints toward death, kidnapping and murder, which makes it very easy for fans to write horror fan fiction, or pokemon creepypasta. So, tonight I will share with you my favorite top 5 scary pokemon creepypasta. These are 5 short stories based on the pokemon game world from haunted pokemon, genetic mutations, to evil eevee and lost pokemon games. Enjoy!

Top 5 SCARY Pokemon Creepypasta

– Zorua Silence – Read Creepypasta Online Here –’s_Silence
– Do You Remember? Pokemon Gold Creepypasta – Read Creepypasta Online Here –
– M3 – Mewtwo Legendary Pokemon Creepypasta – Read Creepypasta Online Here –
– Project Eeveelution / Eevee Evolution – Read Creepypasta Online Here –
– Pokemon Pinwheel Village – Lost Pokemon Game – Read Creepypasta Online Here –émon_Pinwheel_Village

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. Top 5 Scary Pokemon Creepypasta.

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