Tinder robbery

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I am 22 and i just entered the real world finally got a apartment a car a job and no more school or parents to bother me however the one thing missing was a girlfriend something ive always wanted and now mabey I could get one for real so I downloaded tinder and for a few days on my spare time I would go like some girls i had a few matches but none of were all that chatty but one day i seen this girl that I immediately thought couldn’t be real she was beautiful i liked her and immediately matched with her i wasn’t convinced she was real but for 2 days we spent alot of time chatting and i asked if she wanted to go on a date she replied with “ why dont i just come over ;)” my eyes lit up and I immediately replied giving her my address and asking her when she wants to come over she said tomorrow around 9:00pm i was so excited to finally meet her I couldn’t sleep the next night I cooked the nicest i knew how to and the time finally came when I heard the knock at the door i went to see if it was her and my heart warmed to see it was she was just as beautiful as she was in her pictures I opened the door and greeted her i was so distracted by her beautiful smile i didnt even notice the big man behind her and by the time i did he already had his revolver out hitting on the top of my head with it knocked me out cold once I woke up i immediately went to call the police thats when I realized all of my electronics were gone including my phone i eventually went to a neighbors apartment and called the cops but they were never found that i know of be careful on tinder and no matter how good she looks take her on a date before you let her where you live

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