The Time I Worked at McDonald’s and my stalker found me

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My name is Nora, and I’ll give you some background to help you understand my story. I’m 16 years old about about two years ago, I was “dating” someone over the internet. I say “dating” because we were never really in a relationship more of an on and off sorta thing. I was at this place that we call the district, a place that a citizen in Wisconsin owns.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of a kind, not to brag. But it’s a place to play video games, card games, talk/watch anime. You know the geek hangout. I was always flirting with this guy who at the time was 18 or 19, let’s call him Stephen. That’s not his name, but I really don’t want him knowing that it’s about him. I’m a very paranoid person- plus he still sometimes stalks me.

I ended up flirting with him a lot to the point one day he asked me to go to be back with him. This small room away from the rest of he store were they usually put on huge Super Smash Brothers torniments or had anime marathons. He had brought his laptop to the back and we watched a little bit of Hunter x Hunter.

Before I was put into an awkward sob story about his past and how his girlfriend and him had just broken up, then before I knew it we were kissing? More like he was kissing me and I was sitting there trying not to pee myself.

Now, into the future.

About a month ago, so sometime in February I had gotten a job at McDonalds, I don’t work there anymore though. I was always talking about Stephen to a few co-workers who I used to hangout with at the District.

They always asked me how come I stopped coming and I told them about the creepy events that happened in the back of the District. I was cleaning the play place one night, when they had nobody else to send outside to give an order to a waiting customer. It was pitch black and around 9 pm.

There was the car in the waiting parking space, and another car in the parking lot 30 some feet away from me that was on. I handed the meal to the customers in the car before I turned to walk back to the store. I had been stopped in my tracks by a loud. “NORA, ITS ME. STEPHEN PINKER.” (not his real last name) I remembered that voice. From all of the calls I got after I never returned to the district.

All the desperate Facebook messages. All of the spam from my phone number. That name. How did he see me? I was wearing my ALL black uniform and his car was 30 feet away from me. I wasn’t even by McDonalds lights. I didn’t wave. I didn’t do anything but run. I ran inside of the building and sobbed. I was so scared. He started showing up to my work everyday from then on. It also turns out that I worked with his girlfriend who said that Stephen always only talked about me.

I ended up quitting two weeks later.

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