Thrift store Trickster

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I’ve worked at this thrift store for 9 months now and there’s always little things happening here and there.

My supervisor, let’s call him Jim, ghost hunts on his free time. He has a whole paranormal crew and a bunch of equipment he sometimes brings to work. Jim tells me about a lot of little things that happen in the store but i’m not surprised since it is a thrift store and people donate a ton of shit to us. Who knows what could be attached to them. Last halloween he told me about this mannequin we used to show some costumes ideas. He was closing that night with a few others and decided to hang the mannequin on the wall so they would know where to get it for the next day.

The morning after he was opening and noticed the mannequin wasn’t on the wall but in the women’s bathroom doorway facing him. Creeps me out when I use the bathroom and I’m alone.

A few days ago an incident happened when my co worker was in front of her locker putting her stuff away.

She put her lock on the table behind her and not even 15 seconds the lock is just missing. No one was in that breakroom with her and if there was you wouldn’t miss them the breakroom is pretty small. She told Jim about it and luckily he had his EVP recorder. When we listened to the recording you hear Jim telling what ever it was to use his energy and asking it where the lock was.

A  whispered but clear voice says,”Gone” a good 3 times. I get chills when I’m alone in that breakroom.


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