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This was around January 2016, so around the same time as now.

A little backstory first. So, I lived in the wealthier part of town, not much crime happened around there, maybe to occasional break-in, not much else. It’s usually pretty safe. At this time I was a pretty small girl around this time, as I was only 13, and I guess you could say I was the perfect person to stalk. I have two dogs, Stan, a British Pointer, who I was walking during the first encounter. The other one was Ollie, a black lab/English mastiff, and I was walking him the second occurrence.

So, the first occurrence, it was around 8:30 or 9, and I was walking home from jogging with my dog, Stan. It was already very dark, and the only light was the street lamps. I was pretty tired, so was my pup, since we were running. As I walk down the street I keep hearing footsteps, but I figured it was just from me and Stan, the sound bouncing off the houses and echoing. I keep hearing it but it doesn’t sound like us. I turn around, and there he is.

There’s a guy in a dark hoodie just walking behind me, about 15 feet behind. He was just strolling, his hood over his head. I thought he was just cold and trying to get home, the same as I. No problem right? Stan’s ear flick back, hearing the guy too. He kept looking back but I thought nothing of it. He has some problems as he’s a rescue, so I just thought he’s just being weird.

Well, each and every turn I take, down every road, he’s still following, keeping only about 15 feet between us. The road leading to my house is right there, but I pass it, I wasn’t going to lead this guy straight to my house. I speed up my pace, and he’s getting closer now. Stan starts growling, trying to turn around to warn the guy. But he still gets closer.

By then, I’m just thinking “Fuck it, I’m getting the hell out of here.” I start running as fast as I could down random streets, trying to lose the guy. I don’t know if he started running too, but after a few minutes, I stopped and turned around, and didn’t see him. I took another road home. My dogs usually sleep in my stepdad’s room with him, but my parents weren’t home, and they wouldn’t be for a few more days. I decided I would sleep upstairs in my room with both dogs with me, the gun safe in the room next to me.


A few months later, around April, I had forgotten about it, it never even really crossed my mind. I was walking with my other dog, Ollie, after just walking to the dog park to play a little. I left the dog park, and it was dark by now. I took a trail beside a creek to get there, and it never really had many people take that path. I’ve seen a few people walk on it but they were mostly just older women enjoying nature or some photographers. I took the trail back.

I hear crunching dirt behind me, and I thought it might have just been an animal or something. I’m pretty naive, I know. So, I continue hearing it, and it sounded just like footsteps. I look back and there he was, same hoodie and everything. He was closer behind me than last time, just only a few feet away. I remembered him now, and decided to just run then.

I started running, and Ollie thought it was play time again, as he’s not protective at all, or really that smart. He started jumping up at me, whilst I’m trying to run, causing me to trip a few times. After a minute, he understood it wasn’t play time. He began to run faster than I, almost dragging me. We ran off the path and onto the road. There were several different roads leading to my house, if you just take different streets, so i took one I never usually take, as it’s longer. I didn’t see him after we left the path, though.

My mom was home that night and I came home, sweating and pale. She chuckled, looking at me and asking “What’s wrong?”

I told her I just saw a big raccoon or something. If I told her, I would either not be believed or scolded and not be allowed to go out on that trail anymore. I didn’t sleep with the dogs that night, but I did take a large knife and slept with it under my pillow.

I don’t go out very much at night anymore, and if I do, I take both dogs at the same time, as they’d be more intimidating. I haven’t seen this guy anymore, and it’s been nearly a year since it happened, but i still take precautions. I still occasionally walk on the creek path, but never at night, and when there is people around.

I don’t want to think what might have happened if I didn’t have a dog with me. I wonder if he would have done more to me if I didn’t. Sometimes I also think I overreacted, maybe he was just trying to get home, and he lived close to me. Maybe it was all a coincidence, or much more sinister. Who knows?

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