The thing in the woods, true story

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Before the story starts i would like to say something really quick. As of right now i’m going into my junior year of high school. However the story your about to here takes place when i was very young, around the summer going into my second grade year of school. Anyway, i’ve always wanted to post a story on here but truthfully, i have never thought anything worth telling happened to me in my lifetime. This event has somehow stayed absent from my mind for many years. I honestly don’t know how, but my close friend, who was with me on this day as well as I have completely both forgotten this even happened until a few days ago we’ll we were listening to this channel and i brought it up as casually as possible. Ok, now to the story.

I remember it was a beautiful summer morning. You know, the kind of days with a big bright blue sky and big white clouds that look as if they were to be huge cotton balls.

My best friend at the time and still is to this very day, spent the previous night at my house and we were a basic pair of kids looking for a good way to pass the time, we call him Soy. The thing we both had in common at the time was a love for biking, i remember we werealways biked everywhere and it was really an amazing hobby to have for when i was younger. Anyway we both discussed our plans for the day. It was still eirly however, around 9-10Am.

So we went agreed to go on a bike ride around our neighborhood. My nieghborhood has forests basically behind all the houses, at least specifically in my area of the neighborhood.

Anyways we make our way up the street we lived both lived on and then took a left at a 4 way interestion. We turned down the beginning of what was a huge hill and began to speed down much faster then what was safe. I remember having forests on either side of me and the wind rushing threw my hair. At the bottom of the hill was the neighborhood pool wich was currently closed because it was the morning.

Something was very off that day, just because it was an amazing day out and not a single walker was to be insight in any direction. This was very unusual especially for summer.

Anyway we are both going full speed down this hill neck and neck, kind of racing one another.

At the bottom is the pools parking lot surrounded bye a dense forest home to deer and beavers wich we still see occasionally today. We are about to pull in the parking lot when soy passes me and beats me into the lot.

This parking lot has two exits leading onto the same road to what we usually do it pull into one and loop around and go out the other one, that way we don’t have to stop then turn around. As we are doing this loop I see Soy casually turn his head in the direction of the forest then yell out in terror “What in the fuck is that?!” He then continued to peddle full speed out of the parking lot faster then i new he could. For some reason i think hes joking and say “shut up” and begin to start laughing a little.

I then glanced to where he was previously looking and I see something in the overgrown grass in front of the forests. The grass is around 5 or 6 feet tall and extremely thick. But what I will say next you won’t believe, and that’s okay because i barely believe what i saw myself. Around 4 feet up in the grass sticking out was the head of some kind of furry creature.

I hate to say i can’t remember the details but i remember it had an elongated nose kinda like a wolf. it’s hair was a thick dark brown and it had very, very long teeth coming out of its mouth. But the thing that stuck with me the most was its two yellow eyes. I swear, fucking yellow man. Needless to say I went as fast as Soy back to my house as i screamed out “What the fuck?!” just like he said. As we pulled up to my house I saw my mother planting flowers.

We both explained what happened but she then replied with “sounds scary, you boys should investigate” she thought we were fucking joking, but i honestly don’t blame her.

I came back looking for that thing again the next day but nothing came of that. To this day we have never told anyone of our experience.

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You saw a coyote buddy!


What state was it?