The Thing in the Fields….Vampire or Fiend?

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This happened around last July, me and my friends, including my boyfriend are all big paranormal junkies. We go out searching for anything, creatures, ghost, etc. We’ve went to cemeteries at night, heard little girls laughing in the woods at three in the morning, seen a completely black dog that stood a good  five feet off the ground ground, but we have never what we saw last summer. My boyfriend, in this his name will be Chris, had just finished working on our friend, Jakes, ruckus. So afterwards, we decided to hang out and head to Azalia, a known haunted place around Indiana. Am other dropped her baby off the bridge, then killed herself, creatures roam around, a slave will appear every once in awhile hanging from the oak tree by the road, weird stuff. But Chris, Jake, and Chris’s brother Drew along with myself decided lets go. It was warm, a clear night, gorgeous. So we got in Chris’s car and headed out, it was only a few minutes away so it didn’t take long before we turned the curve and headed toward the first bridge, awaiting the second bridge that the lady jumped from. Chris and I rolled our windows down and lit two cigarettes, we didn’t see anything coming over the first bridge but once we got on the stretch of road I looked toward the field, freshly cut, I could see pretty far out with the moon overhead. “Chris?”

“What baby?”

I pointed out to the field, at first I could have mistaken it for a dog but then I concentrated more, me getting Chris had drawn the other two guys attention in the back. Chris slowed down much to my dismay, whatever this was, it was terrifying. It was humanoid, with long thin arms, and muscular, long, legs. It was keeping up with the car, a weird growl escaped from its throat as it charged at us. The whole time Chris was taunting it and not moving, I cried out and begged him to and as soon as it looked like it could just lunge at his window, Chris threw the car into gear and raced ahead, I watched as it disappeared under the bridge, letting a small exhale out. Maybe it wouldn’t pass the bridge.

Boy was I wrong..

It barreled from under the bridge and to my side of the car, Drew and Jake were breathing heavily and watching out the back window, every once in awhile I could feel Jake’s body shake. We turned onto the highway and drove towards home, hoping to lose it on the highway.

By the time we pulled into Chris’s driveway, we unloaded from the car and Chris ran inside, I swallowed a lump in my throat and chuckled as Chris walked out, gun in hand.

“We lost it, its not around.”

I was so happy, my heartbeat was still quick, my hands still clammy, but you know that feeling when you’re being watched? How you start cold sweating, cold chills, hair stands up.. We all got that at the same time, I looked up towards the woods behind Chris’s house, a field was connected to the back of it, it wasn’t even a big woods, just a few trees and bushes so we could see the other side.

“No, no we didn’t.”

We all watched as it walked out from the woods, I felt like crying and scrabbled on top of the car, watching it. Chris aimed his gun at it and it made no movement like it was going to attack, in fact it looked a little curious. If it wanted to, it could have killed us all that night. We finally calmed down until we noticed it had brought another one, they would walk in and out of the shadows, like predators watching for an opening to attack its prey. Call us stupid but all of us at once moved forward, to get closer. Curiousity got the better of us. We made it up to the middle of the house befroe the things moved into the shadows, with them only being a good forty feet ahead of me, I felt more terrfied than I had ever been. We all walked back slowly, never turning around. Finally we went to the car and waited.

By this time its almost four in the morning when they finally stopped coming out, Jake decided it was time to go home, he left and I went to mine and Chris’s bedroom, all night I heard scraping at the windows and knocks on the walls, it was horrible. I haven’t seen them since, we’ve been back to Azalia but never see them, we’ll here growls, but thats about it. Maybe its because its winter, maybe its because they just wanted to get a better look at us. But whatever they were, I truly would hate to meet them by myself.

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