There’s Something In The Attic

My house has three stories, including the basement. All the bedrooms are upstairs, and my old room just happened to be right below the door to the attic.

I always found it incredibly hard to sleep in that room, as it was always either freezing in winter or nearly 100 degrees in summer. None of the other rooms had this, but I always assumed it was just faulty heating.

Anyway, around three years ago I started to hallucinate at night. Nothing big, just stuff like my blanket turning into a giant snake and falling off my bed, or ants everywhere that would disappear when I turned my light on. At night I don’t take anything I see seriously, as it’s usually just my overactive imagination.

It started when we first moved in the house. I slept in a different room, but of course still had trouble sleeping. Every Night at the exact same time when everyone was asleep but me, something would knock on the roof four times. It was always four times, it sounded like a hammer kinda, nothing ominous. It continued for about a week before it stopped.

I never told anyone because I knew they wouldn’t believe me, and I knew I couldn’t tell whether or not it was real. Other small stuff happened, sometimes when I was upstairs alone my door would open or close on its own, I wrote it off as the wind.

The thing that freaked me out was that my dog, who stays in my room most of the time would start to bark every time it happened. After the third time, it was obviously not a coincidence. From then on I tried to avoid going upstairs alone, it was just… unsettling.

Then it got worse. I was home alone one day but this time it was broad daylight. I was watching TV, my dog was with me downstairs. That’s when I heard scraping from upstairs as well as clicking. It sounded like dog nails hitting wood. I, of course, freaked out but tried to ignore it.

The noise continued, but now it sounded like whatever was upstairs was opening and closing doors, as well as flicking lights on and off. The weird thing was my dog acted completely natural. I just turned the TV up, trying to pretend it wasn’t happening. It got worse, and the worst part was I knew it was real because I don’t hallucinate at daytime. My dog actually went upstairs to whatever was making the noise, which freaked me the fuck out because whatever that was, was something she was used to and comfortable with. The noises eventually stopped but I put off going upstairs for as long as I could.

That night it was really late and dark in my room, and as always I couldn’t sleep. I stared at my ceiling when I noticed a black square. The door to my attic was halfway open, but no one had gone in or out of there in years. We didn’t even keep anything up there other than installation. I got the fuck out of my room after that.

I ended up sleeping on the couch, and the next day asked my family if anyone had gone into the attic. Of course, no one had. I still don’t know what’s in my house, but since I’ve traded rooms with my brother. One of the rare times I went back in that room and sat on his bed while he was in the bathroom because his room has the wifi router in it, I swear I heard loud breathing coming from under the bed. I was wide awake.

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