The Woodland Wendigo

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I was out late one night like I usually am. I lived far from anyone or anywhere, smack bang in the middle of the forest was more so right. It was a thunderous night, rain pelted the road as I drove home. My house was one of those fancy logger houses in the middle of the woods sort of houses, but just a small two story shack.

The main road curved and twisted through the forest, this was a complete nightmare for me, but luckily I lived down a dirt road. The rain continued as I drove down the road. I finally reached my barbed fence, I drove into the garage. I closed the garage with my keys in my hands, and that was when I heard a screech, I just assumed it was a wild deer or boar getting stuck in the fence. I groaned as this was usually a pain to do, I grabbed my wire clippers and a flashlight.

I headed into the direction of the screech, the screech continued for a bit, I reached the area of where the fence was but what was odd was that this was an area where I hadn’t put any fencing around. I flicked on the flash light and shinned it in front of me. There it was, crouched on the ground was a mattered pale figure, it was eating a deer that must of been too slow. I held my breath as I saw the horrid sight. I slowly crept back, I could hear it breathing and munching away. “CRACK” a branch broke under my foot with my flash light still shinned on the thing.

It stopped and froze, before slowly standing up and turning to me. It’s body was mangled and decomposed, maggots eating away at its chest, it’s long lanky arms held the deer by its antlers. It’s face was what got me going. It’s was like a deer face, but just bone and few flesh. Maggots eating away at its face, dark soulless eyes staring at me. I froze with fear, it stared right into my soul. It screamed at me before staring to come at me. I panicked and threw the wire clippers at the thing, stuck it right in the chest. It screamed and I was out of there, running as fast as I can back to the house

I reached the house, locking the house and turning the lights off. I hid, panicked at what I just experienced. I peaked through the door window out into the darkness. Nothing. Every since that night, I’ve never left the house around dark or ventured into the night.

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