The woman in black

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So i was 11 when this happened and I live in Scotland in a small village called kirkliston. Now nothing has ever happened in kirkliston like the paranormal the dog man or Anything like that. So I’ll cut right to the chase.

I was in primary 7, and soon we were going to first year so me and my friend were walking home together and I thought I’d let him come in for a minute or to.

So we were having some banter and laughing the usual and when I unlocked the door I froze in fear to see on the other side of the door was a tall lady dressed in black and starring right at me I immediately got away from the door and told my friend him being himself he looked at me with disbelief he then said fine where is she I said I saw her lounge into the dining room he then rolled his eyes and I then said we’ll go in and find her me being me I then find the biggest knife I could find and I cautiously move into the dining room him being behind and I was surprised to see him shaking when all of a sudden we hear footsteps coming from upstairs now I have 2 cats one was at my feet and the other one was outside so my friend then in stead of getting a big knife he grabbed this big and sharp pole we slowly moved up the stairs to find nothing.

I told my parents they didn’t believe me and told me if anything like this happens again I’d get my Keys about a year later I had just got the bus home from secondary school and once again I was opening my back door when all of a sudden I got a feeling I was being watched when I slowly walked in I heard whispering and surpriseingly it was coming from the dining room now I knew I couldn’t be hearing things because I was frozen in fear and I heard the whispering for ruffly 15 to 20 seconds so I bolted it out leaving the door wide open.and coming round to the front of the house almost in tears of fear.i then face timed one of my friends who we’ll call abi she picked up and what I told her made her just about as scared as I was I called 2 of my other friends they came as fast as they could when we entered we all had knifes we were shouting thins like. Come out ya prick!! Or if you come out your only gonna get stabbed as the time past my parents then came home I told my mum she shouted at so loud probably the entire street could hear her my keys were then removed from me. Nothing since then has happened and I hope nothing yet is to

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