The Wolf with No Tail

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Hello my name is Eddie McCall and I experienced something I cannot explain! I was with my boyfriend (Adam Johnson) when he got some really bad news that his Granddad and Grandma died in a car crash!

So he asked me could we go to our local woods to clear his mind and I said ok.

I do really love our local woods, the birds chirping, the leaves swirling in the wind. So we told our parents that we were going camping in our local woods and they said fine. The walk to our local woods from our houses was around 20 mins.

We reached our camping spot around 8:00pm and it was still nice and bright because it was summer. Around 9:30pm we are our homemade sandwiches and than went into our tent to sleep! We went this early to sleep because we decided to roam around the woods even more nice and early in the morning.

Around 2:10am Adam woke me up saying that he kept on hearing a growl but me being my non skeptical self I told him it was most likely a raccoon or something growling because we had food.

I think he kind of believed me and went to sleep.

Around 2:50am he woke me up again so I got kind of pissed and I went and checked what the growling noise was, this moment was so haunting for me that I still get nightmares and goosebumps every time i remember this moment!

It was this large wolf with red eyes like it was the fire pit of hell and it’s teeth were human like and it had No Tail!! I quickly went inside and told Adam and he told me that the creature I saw was a Skinwalker!

The reason he knows this is because he aunt is married to a Navajo man named Alo! I’ve met him before and he is pretty cool!

Than Adam told me to pack everything quickly and quietly, and that’s what we did! When we opened the tent zip the skinwalker was still there and growling than Adam shouted some words in Native American and the skinwalker slightly backed off! We left the tent there and ran for our lives!

The skinwalker started chasing us and we were so scared!!

We ran for 40 mins to get our of the woods than ran as fast as light back to my house I thought my legs would come off!!

Adam rang Alo and the next day Alo done a Native prayer on us.

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I am not even going to take the time to tell you how bad your grammar is. I could write a 2000 word essay on what has gone wrong there. What I will mention from it is the HUGE overuse of exclamation points. Simply put, they do not make the story sound better, roll off the tongue better, or seem cooler or more believable. This, I would overlook, if the story itself was not so bad. If you’re new here and want to make a story or two to try and get a name for yourself, go right ahead, but do plenty of research before trying to make something up in a field of people who’ve had real experiences. The creature you saw was nothing like a skinwalker. From what you described, it could very well have been a lycanthrope, but that is not what you said. Skinwalkers are usually pale brown to blend in with the desert, have long, skinny legs built for speed, and will most likely have black eyes. You say that your friend has an aunt who married a Navajo man, which is who first saw them, but the rest of the story makes no sense. Your friend most likely would never have known what a skinwalker looks or acts like, which is what the story shows, but that is obviously not what you were trying to express. The part where “Adam shouted some words in Native American and the skinwalker slightly backed off” is what ticks me off the most, even more than the grammar atrocities. ‘Adam’ most certainly would not have known some random Navajo word that makes the “skinwalker” fall back, and if he had said a random word he had heard, that would not have worked. The Navajo were the first to tell of their encounters, but that doesn’t mean they were friends with the skinwalkers. If they were, then good for… Read more »