The Witch of the Towpath

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Let me just start off by saying I’ve never held stock in anything ghost or paranormal related I’m guess it’s my atheist roots and love for science and logic that finds that silly. But one dark night in my hometown of Williamsport Maryland changed this way of thinking completely.

I’m 27 now at the time of this encounter I was 16 going on 17 in my hometown it was one of those “everybody knows everybody” low crime type towns with small violence other than the occasional bar fight that ended up in the street with all that said I loved it was peaceful and Serene but I moved away after I graduated high school but still miss it too this day. So anyways me and my girlfriend had just had a bad breakup I was saddened and angry I was very much in love with her but breakups happen even a knucklehead teen I didn’t know this I felt distant the entire and wanted to be alone completely so I told my folks I was going to one of my many close-nit friend’s but I had no intention so I walked to the towpath that wasn’t far from my house I was always relaxing and therapeutic to me walking the towpath admiring nature and the river that was gorgeous come sunset.

So I get back there a good ways not a soul in sight I was getting kind of dark but I had no care with my hurt and anger at the time. So I sit and stew and contimplate how I lost her even cried a little I’m man enough to admit that. Out of nowhere it seemed and I know this sounds so cliche and I never believed it before but I felt like I was being watched it was a very uneasy feeling nothing but Goosebumps and the hairs on your neck stand up and shiver type deal even with all my anger I still felt very uneasy never experiencing that before so I hear rustling in them leaves maybe 30 or 40 yards away now now a rougue bear would be rare and those parts but we do get sightings and rarley  attacks of Mountain lions but I wasn’t taking a chance I’ll just get the fuck out of there. I start steadily jogging it’s more alarm than anything at this point.

So about 20-30 feet away I hear a shrieking “leave!” I turn around mind you it’s alot darker not pitch Black but in my horror I see the silhouette of a lady in black. My heart sank and for the first time in my life I felt true terror. This woman will be seen in my nightmares until I check out she had no eye’s you could see through her head I was stunned with fear, Paralyzed even, it was like I snapped out of it and ran, Ran faster than I could I played sports so I exerted every muscle I had in fear to get away from this woman. In my horror while I was sprinting it was as it she was gliding but to my horror to my estimation she was 5 inches away from the side of my face I seen the end of the towpath and  and close my eyes and sprinted until I felt the gravel before you get to the bridge and opened my eye the bridge had lights on it I turned around she was maybe 30 feet away for me and in my adrenaline fueled State I said in anger and maybe a little bit of cockiness “come get me bitch!” And to this day I have no idea what I saw or how it is possible but it was as if she literally evaporated while I looking right at her.

So I run with all the energy which was not a lot to my friends house I’m frantically trying to tell my friend and his dad what I just experienced my friend was very skeptical and even laughed but his father did believe me because he seen her a few years before apparently so he did his research and apparently there is a Spectre called the black Witch and I apparently was not the first encounter the past few centuries. To this is day I’m still torn what did I see? Was it the witch of the towpath? Was it a grief filled hallucination? only that is a certainty is I will never travel that towpath again.


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