The Witch in the Woods

By Crystal

This happened to my dad a few years ago. My dad we will call him Joe and his friend we will call him Steve decided to go out to the country to do some fishing where there was a wooded area that had a river running through the bottom of it.

So they grab their fishing poles and ice chest and head out. When they got there joe set up some chairs and Steve got the fishing poles together.

They sat there for awhile when my dad got up to use the restroom. As he was standing there he could see something sitting on a big rock that was just off in the distance. As he finished with relieving himself he stared to walk a little closer to see what this thing was sitting on the rock. As he got closer he said this is what he saw.

He saw a half human half bird-like creature. It had the face of an old woman and the body of a big black bird. It had big claws on it’s feet and it was just staring at my dad. My dad slowly backed up and quickly walked back to where Steve was sitting.

Steve saw this scared look on Joe’s face and asked him what was wrong. My dad told him he saw a witch. Steve said he wanted to see. Joe pointed in the direction of where this thing was sitting and Steve walked a few feet and saw the witch sitting on the rock.

Steve took off running and Joe followed him and they booked it the hell out of there.

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